Open Tolbox: An Open Door to the Future

Announcement of new consulting firm partnering Vinay Gupta (hexayurt designer - and LaRahna Hughes.

Reykjavik, Iceland, October 18, 2008 --( “Firm brings emergency management from theory to practical application.”

In a world full of uncertainty, there is an old face reentering the scene of change through a new door. Vinay Gupta, developer of the Hexayurt ( and expert in the field of emergency management has announced the launching of Open Toolbox, a consulting firm specializing in efficient emergency management solutions. “It is open source meets emergency management,” says Mr. Gupta when asked to describe what the Open Toolbox provides. It is an open source public sector emergency management alliance that brings together an innovative mix of solutions to meet the global needs that arise when crisis strikes.

The Open Toolbox focuses on assisting emergency management agencies and municipalities with their pre, mid and post disaster planning. An experienced consultant in the social service and non-profit sector, LaRahna Hughes teamed with Gupta (forming the Open Toolbox team), bring the concept of Convertible Communities to the emergency management sector. “All of our communities should be convertible communities. They should be vibrant in the absence of crisis and proactively prepared in the presence of tragedy,” say Ms. Hughes from half the world away in central Georgia.

Open Toolbox provides integrated capacity building solutions that address the six needs that require urgent consideration when crisis occurs: heat, cold, hunger, thirst, illness and injury. By bringing together the most appropriate solutions, the Open Toolbox team aims at changing the face of emergency preparedness and management. Open Toolbox provides to emergency management what open source provides to developers and computer software users. Open Toolbox asserts that the time has come for us to move from the world of theory to the fields of practical implementation when it comes to preparedness and emergency management. They also believe that their approach and designs have domestic implications to help bring and end to such issues as homelessness.

One of their current projects pairs the Hexayurt with the Convertible Community concept, which provides to municipalities across America an efficient solution for ending homelessness. It has far reaching implications for global issues, but only if we move from theory to practical application. The time has come to move from the world of theory to the fields of practical implementation. Estimates say there are between 700,000 and 2 million individuals that will sleep with inadequate shelter tonight and twenty million or more around the world are living as refugees. Disaster leaves tens of millions displaced every year. The Hexayurt is a superior solution to these problems and the time has come to apply this technology to these problems. This solution, once implemented in the global market, will resolve the problem of inadequate shelter once and for all. This and other approaches for some of our worlds most significant issues makes Open Toolbox a force to be reckoned with in the global emergency management marketplace.

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