Measuring in Wind and Weather with the ZU-PBOX

The waterproof plastic housings ZU-PBOX-LAN and ZU-PBOX-PG from BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm) optimally protect data acquisition systems and amplifier technology used in field applications and harsh environment against foreign substances and humidity.

Maisach, Germany, October 18, 2008 --( In most instances, measurement applications are not feasible under laboratory conditions. Humidity and dirt constitute a great challenge to the technician in measurement technology. Especially in long-term measurements, they can represent a serious danger to successfully carry out the measurement task.

Outdoor measuring applications, such as load tests at rail tracks, bridges or buildings, often have to be carried out over a long period to detect changes. The measurement technology used must be able to brave wind and weather.

In the industrial production, data acquisition systems serving for quality control and monitoring of the industrial plant are exposed to extreme load caused by dirt particles.

If it comes to breakdowns or failures of a measurement system, unreliable measuring results and unpleasant costs are the consequence. However, the reason is not necessarily the bad quality of the measurement technology used, but can be attributed to negative influences from the outside in many cases.

These problems are met by the newly released ZU-PBOX series from BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm), longtime manufacturer for data acquisition and PC technology.

Different components of a measurement system, like data acquisition system, measuring amplifier or connector panels can be accommodated in the waterproof plastic housings with clear hinged cover (available interior space: 351mm (13.82'') width, 242mm (9.53'') depth, 120mm (4.72'') height). For safe installation, those are mounted firmly on three DIN rails.

The boxes are available in two versions.

The universal type ZU-PBOX-PG is provided with 8 PG screw connectors with strain relief to attach sensors and power supply.

Since many outdoor applications are often realized via network, the ZU-PBOX-LAN has been optimized for LAN data acquisition systems featuring pre-assembled connectors for LAN, synchronization and DC. The connectors are high-quality flange plug connectors.

Up to 16 channels can be attached. Because type and connection of the signals mainly depend on the used LAN data acquisition system and the application, the customer has the possibility to choose the flange connectors for the signal channels (4- or 7-pole female connectors).

As an additional service, mounting and wiring can be ordered at bmcm, too (option ZU-PBOX-MT).

The ZU-POX housings are perfect to use with measurement technology from bmcm. For example, the ZU-PBOX-LAN combined with the LAN data acquisition system iM-AD25a, two analog backplanes AP8 and respective 5B amplifiers (MA series) features a compact and universal LAN data acquisition system with 16 galvanically isolated analog inputs, 25kHz total sampling rate and 16 bit resolution - protected against splash water, dust and other foreign substances, ideal for field use.

With the ZU-PBOX housings BMC Messsysteme GmbH creates a functionally reliable solution for robust measuring applications on-site.


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About BMC Messsysteme GmbH (bmcm)

BMC Messsysteme GmbH was founded in 1994 as an independent corporation with headquarters in Maisach, app. 30 km west of Munich. bmcm is one of the only German companies that completely develops and produces in Germany. The products of data acquisition and PC technology from BMC Messysteme GmbH stand for quality "made in Germany". A high value is set on keeping an excellent price/performance ratio. Since establishing a direct distribution in July 2006, customers have been able to profit from the advantage of direct contact to the manufacturer.

BMC Messsysteme GmbH serves the following business areas:

* Measuring components and PC measurement technology *
This comprises a wide range of connection systems, measuring amplifiers, data acquisition cards (internal and external), "ready-for-use" data acquisition systems, data loggers and the appropriate software for visualization, recording and analysis.

* PC technology *
This area includes embedded PCs developed as complete solutions as well as single PC components often used in the automotive field.

* D2M (Design to Manufacturing) and OEM products *
BMC Messsysteme GmbH develops and produces electronic components according to customer specifications.

You will receive high-quality products manufactured already since the beginning of 2006 according to the RoHS directive. Of course, the corresponding documentation and CE test is always included.

A German documentation is obligatory for us, as well as an English description to be available to our international customers.
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