OmPass in San Francisco

Denver, CO, October 18, 2008 --( OmPass (, an online yoga lifestyles community and national yoga rewards program that specializes in making yoga affordable and accessible for Americans, arrival of “Mobile Om” in San Francisco.

For a small annual fee of $19.95, OmPass members receive downloadable free yoga class coupons called, OmCoupons, to use at affiliated studios in their area. Members also receive a personalized Travel Pass to take their yoga on the road and good for up to 30% reduced class rates and VIP savings at all eco friendly partner stores. Currently, OmPass has over 350 nationally affiliated studios with a few international locations in England, Costa Rica, Australia and Canada.

OmPass is a community whose members are dedicated to yoga as a lifestyle to create their own mind, body, spirit harmony and hopes to help get more universal citizens involved in yoga through its member rewards program. OmPass is in the process of expanding their rewards services and green card benefits to include organic restaurants, businesses and eco-friendly hotels and shops. OmPass City (OmPassLA, OmPassPortland, OmPassDenver) are social networking websites in each city; like mini myspace for the green lifestyle goers. Website launch date is set for Spring 2009 at

“Unlike doing weights or running on the treadmill, which I do myself as a compliment to my practice, Yoga and some other holistic wellness techniques, take exercise one step further by offering the practitioner a mindful understanding of what the mind, body spirit endure during these exercises. Staying present and focused during your practice, learning to breathe properly, creating good body posture/alignment, are some of the basic and practical principles students learn during a yoga class. They are then encouraged to incorporate this into their daily routine, called life. The result is less stress and more happiness. Yoga is simple and wonderful in that it serves to offer guidelines for each individual to create their own good health and happiness. The encouragement and understanding of how to heal oneself through yoga specifically, is given back to the practitioner! How amazing is that!” says OmPass Founder, Devi Drea.

About OmPass
OmPass first launched in 2005 and promotes yoga and wellness. They affiliate
with yoga studios, gyms, spas & resorts, to bring the yoga lifestyle to everyone. OmPass makes yoga affordable and accessible for individuals everywhere by offering free class admission coupons to their locally affiliated studios and reduced rates when traveling. They also support yoga studios by sending unlimited member referrals to studio affiliates for a nominal monthly fee of $20. OmPass serves the world and the yoga community by sharing and expanding Yoga, Health and Abundance in life and helping to create a happy, healthy planet.

For additional information on OmPass, please visit the website at, or contact Founder, Devi Drea at 720-436-2720.

Thomas Schieffer