Mon.itor.Us Free Web Monitoring: Crossing the 20 Million Daily Checks

Mon.itor.Us, a leading free website monitoring service announces a critical milestone of conducting over 20 million checks per day. Currently 124,000 monitors are registered and among 12 possible check protocols 75,000 are HTTP monitors. Mon.itor.Us is serving a fast growing community of 25,000 members who are webmasters, bloggers, marketers and IT professionals engaged in more than 20 industry sectors and 40 more countries.

San Jose, CA, October 19, 2008 --( Monitis launched the Free website monitoring service Mon.itor.Us at CeBIT 2005, the largest IT trade fair. Since then it has become a unique comprehensive and free 24/7 monitoring service to check availability, performance and accessibility of websites, servers and networks for diagnosing and preventing issues before they cause critical web outages. Mon.itor.Us’ unique dashboard provides the opportunity to integrate real time web traffic reports with the web performance metrics. Webmasters can diagnose traffic and conversion issues related with slow page load time and discover the root cause of the problem which maybe high server CPU consumption or low memory. Besides monitoring, Mon.itor.Us provides various valuable benchmarks and industry performance reviews, shares information about popular and reliable hosting providers, registrars, and ranks internet service providers. Obviously collects unique data and is a unique performance research portal at the market.

In the last days Mon.itor.Us has reached a milestone of 20 million checks per day for over 75,000 websites. Mon.itor.Us provides free availability and performance monitoring from external monitoring locations for websites, mail servers and network devices. Most of the checks are HTTP based, making half of all checks, second in popularly PING tests make less then 10% and HTTPS is less then 5%. The rest of the checks are FTP, POP, SMTP, TCP, UDP, IMAP and SIP/VoIP checks. Mon.itor.Us conducts these protocol checks 24 hours, 7 days per week and notifies webmasters about problems through email, SMS and instant messengers.

Website monitoring is very important for many reasons. Every 100ms of page load latency costs Amazon 1% of profit and drops 20% of Google traffic if the page took 500ms longer to load. Mon.itor.Us helps to discover not only failures but slow page loads, which helps websites to generate additional profit.

During only last 6 months Monitis free service Mon.itor.Us has received over 200 reviews and posts on community blogs. “We are committed to provide more free services” say Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO and Founder of Monitis, “Very soon we will launch a new and very impressive line of free specialized monitoring services. Webmasters and IT specialists and even web entrepreneurs may find tons of useful services to improve IT infrastructure ROI.”

Mon.itor.Us is a property of Monitis Inc. a leading IT management and monitoring provider. Companies use Monitis website performance quality monitoring to gain a competitive advantage through efficient business execution, quality user experience and nonstop operations. Monitis is a leading provider of comprehensive IT monitoring and analytics. Companies use Monitis website performance monitoring to gain competitive advantages through efficient business execution, quality user experience and nonstop operations. Monitis checks and measures IT performance metrics globally and locally 24x7. The company serves more than 25,000 service subscribers and monitors more than 75,000 sites and devices, performed more than 20 million checks per day.

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