Mimosa Systems and Data Domain Expand Alliance to Optimize Dynamic Archive Storage

Mimosa NearPoint Tiered Storage Option Policies for Email Archiving Provide Granular Control to Leverage Data Domain Deduplication Storage.

Santa Clara, CA, October 19, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Mimosa Systems, a leader in Live Content Archiving solutions, and Data Domain, the leading provider of deduplication storage systems, today announced an expanded collaboration in support of the new Mimosa NearPoint Tiered Storage OptionTM (TSO), a new solution that optimizes the trade-off between storage cost and end-user access while keeping up with the growing volumes of archived content. NearPoint TSO and Data Domain enable companies to take full advantage of data deduplication efficiencies by minimizing the required space and storage capacity required to store long-term archives on disk.

In combination with Mimosa NearPoint Tiered Storage Option, customers can leverage Data Domain systems for storing large volumes of archived content. Mimosa TSO provides the ability to provision a dedicated high-speed cache for content that has been recently archived, recently accessed, or has been identified as a business record. In a parallel process, TSO assembles this content into intelligent containers that are optimized for deduplication. These containers are then presented to Data Domain systems for storage and recall based on a TSO policy.

The combined solution boosts storage efficiency by leveraging Data Domain as the long-term archive tier for Mimosa NearPoint archives, allowing customers to retain more archive data on disk to comply with litigation support, compliance, or corporate governance requirements. Data Domain systems provide a unified, deduplicated storage tier for the broad spectrum of nearline applications.

“The increasing volumes of data retained in today’s data archives are driving the development of sophisticated storage migration technology, such as Mimosa’s NearPoint TSO, that help minimize the costs associated with long-term information retention,” said Beth White, vice president of marketing, Data Domain. “Together with NearPoint TSO, Data Domain deduplication storage can be broadly deployed as a storage tier for nearline file storage, backup, disaster recovery and long term retention of enterprise data for reference, litigation support and regulatory compliance.”

Enterprises are under growing pressure to meet the business service level requirements of internal stakeholders including legal, information security, regulatory supervision, and end-users in the most cost-effective manner. Mimosa NearPoint TSO links business service level requirements to the intelligent archive to ensure business processes and goals are met, and that performance criteria are in place to support customer objectives. This is accomplished by linking business requirements via granular policies with dynamic provisioning and automated migration to underlying storage devices providing on-demand access to data in the archive.

“Data Domain’s inline deduplication technology is the perfect complement to the new Mimosa NearPoint TSO because it brings an added level of storage optimization for exceptional performance and capacity efficiency of our combined solution,” said Scott Whitney, vice president of product management, Mimosa Systems. “Mimosa and Data Domain are closely collaborating in support of customers’ needs, today and tomorrow, for intelligent archiving that is efficient, cost effective and reliable.”

About Mimosa NearPoint
Mimosa NearPoint addresses critical customer requirements around content archiving, eDiscovery, regulatory compliance, business continuity, and storage optimization in a unified solution. Mimosa NearPoint provides legal search workflow, employee supervision, immediate mailbox and message recovery, disaster recovery, email, instant message and file archiving, and self-service search and access in one solution. By leveraging cost-effective storage and advanced classification rules, NearPoint also optimizes content storage and reduces overall infrastructure costs.

About Data Domain
Data Domain® is the leading provider of deduplication storage systems. Over 2,100 companies worldwide have purchased Data Domain systems to reduce storage costs and simplify data management. Data Domain delivers the performance, reliability and scalability to address the data protection and nearline storage needs of enterprises of all sizes. Data Domain products integrate into existing customer infrastructures and are compatible with leading enterprise backup and archive software products. To find out more about Data Domain, visit www.datadomain.com. Data Domain is headquartered at 2421 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054 and can be contacted by phone at 1-866-933-3873 or by e-mail at sales@datadomain.com.

About Mimosa
Mimosa Systems, Inc. delivers next-generation content archiving solutions for information immediacy, discovery, and continuity. Mimosa NearPoint is the industry’s most comprehensive unstructured information management software solution for email, files, and instant messages, enabling archiving, eDiscovery, storage management, and recovery in a unified solution. Mimosa is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, recognized for its competencies in networking infrastructure solutions, ISV/software solutions, and advanced infrastructure solutions. Mimosa was founded in 2003 and is based in Santa Clara, California, with offices in Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, Japan, China, Australia, and India. For more information, visit http://www.mimosasystems.com.

Mimosa Systems
Sabrina Sanchez, Ventana PR for Mimosa