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World organic food and beverages market is boosted by increasing awareness of health issues and environmental and animal health issues, says new report from RNCOS.

Delhi, India, October 20, 2008 --( The organic food market is gaining a strong foothold in global food markets due to the fact that global population is becoming more health conscious and is paying more attention to the food it eats. Additionally, environmental and animal health issues, improved taste, and better quality of the food are other factors which are driving the world organic food market. As a result, the world organic food and beverages market grew by about 18% in 2007 over the previous year and is projected to reach around US$ 70 Billion by 2010. These are the findings of their latest research report, “Emerging Organic Food Markets”.

The report states that North America and Europe have large share and accounted for around 96% of the global organic food and beverage industry revenue in 2007. In North America, demand of organic food exceeds its supply which eventually increases the import of organic food and beverage. The European organic food industry is also experiencing a supply shortage. In terms of market size, the US has the maximum share in the world organic food market with sales around US$ 20 Billion in 2007.

However, various other developing markets like Belgium, Netherlands, Korea and Taiwan are also increasing their share in the world organic food market. Governments of these countries are also promoting organic food production to meet increasing demand.

The Asia-Pacific region accounts for the least share in total world organic food and beverages market. But high consumption of organic food and drinks as well as the shifting of trend towards natural food is boosting the growth of the organic food market in the region.

“Emerging Organic Food Markets” gives an extensive and analytical study on the organic food and beverages market. It provides past and current data and discusses the market trends in detail in various regions.

This report highlights the future trends and evaluates the drivers, consumer behavior, developed, developing and emerging markets, and key players to give complete overview on the market.

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