Bizymoms Offers New Marketing Medium for Online Businesses

A new online mall was launched by Bizymoms recently, in an effort to bring moms to one place for a great shopping experience. Shoppers can visit a variety of stores and purchase directly online, aided by informative and breezy catalogues. The online shopping mall is open 24 hours each day. This is one of the best resources offered by Bizymoms for women who want to promote their businesses online.

Brampton, Canada, October 20, 2008 --( The best thing about Bizymoms is perhaps the number of visitors they attract each year, especially the number of women. This provides their website with a platform that other competitors can’t match. Imagine the opportunity to showcase your online business to a strong base of target customers figuring over 5 million in a year.

The online shopping mall not only promotes goods and services, it gives a fair playing field to all the stores. This is a site where small businesses can hold their own against their bigger competitors. With a few creative storefronts, capturing the key market is not an uphill task for any small business owner.

Thanks to the online mall, small businesses won’t have to bend under the weight of high promotional costs. This site allows stores to put their best foot forward and get their message across, clear and simple. The well organized website is easy for anyone to access and navigate, for shoppers and store owners alike.

About Bizymoms

Bizymoms has provided visitors with useful information and many free resources over the years. Some of these features include live chat, interactive forums and tutorials. Bizymoms always strives to serve its loyal readers that keep coming back ever since its inception in 1997. Several more programs that benefit Bizymoms users, like the online mall, are expected to be launched in the future.

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