Gun Owners of Nevada Pushing for 2nd Amendment Freedoms in Las Vegas, Clark County and Nevada

Gun Owners of Nevada. Nevada's Only No Compromise Gun Lobby. Defend the 2nd Amendment within the state of Nevada. Legal defense of law abiding citizens whose 2nd Amendment rights have been infringed. Work to implement a “Vermont Style Carry” within the state of Nevada.

Carson City, NV, October 20, 2008 --( Gun Owners of Nevada (GoNV) is continuing to support a "Vermont Style Carry" and is working with several Assemblymen to strengthen Nevada's "Castle Doctrine."

At last weekend’s gun show in Las Vegas Nevada (Cashman Center) Gun Owners of Nevada continued to sign up new volunteers and members and worked to inform other law abiding citizens of the need to stay vigilant.

Strength comes with numbers, and the more concerned Nevadan's join Gun Owners of Nevada, the more we can do to protect the Second Amendment and our freedoms.

Their strategy is simple: make the enemies of our firearms freedoms pay and work aggressively to stop to gun control.

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Gun Owners of Nevada is Nevada's only "No Compromise" gun lobby

Gun Owners of Nevada (GONV) is a non-profit organization designed to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners in the state of Nevada. Its a Right. Not a Privilege.

Gun Owners of Nevada
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