ON’s New Vassive-C5™ is the Advanced Creatine System for Post-Workout Reconstruction

Four novel creatine compounds, including patent-pending buffered Cre-Energy™ make new Vassive-C5™ the most advanced creatine system on the market today. It’s another serious supplement for promoting Vassiveness.

Aurora, IL, October 22, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Everyone who invests the time and perseverance to train hard in the gym knows about the strength, size and power enhancing potential of creatine. Numerous scientific studies conducted over the course of decades support this conventional wisdom. Today, the science of creatine takes another step forward with the introduction of Optimum Nutrition’s new Vassive-C5™ Advanced Creatine System.

“With 4 novel creatine compounds – including patent-pending buffered Cre-Energy™ – Vassive-C5™ is the most cutting edge form of creatine available,” said Jay Jacobsen, Marketing Manager with ON in Aurora. “In addition, we formulated in beta-alanine for added workout endurance, glutamine to replace the amino acids lost during training as well as a Cell Shuttle Blend to promote cell volumization and efficient absorption by muscles. This is accomplished without sugar to avoid suppressing natural anabolic hormones produced by the body during training.” Vassive-C5™ is available at sports nutrition retailers in both 30 and 70 serving sizes. Athletes can choose between tangy Blue Raspberry and popular Fruit Punch flavors.

Founded in 1987, Optimum Nutrition is a leading manufacturer of premium nutritional supplements. Recognized for quality and innovation, the company maintains two distinct brands – Optimum Nutrition and American Body Building – each offering a comprehensive line of powder, energy bar, liquid, tab and cap products. ON owns and operates its own state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities to assure the highest standards along with an unprecedented level of consistency.


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