Serious Concern for Florida Manatees: Who Else Wants to Help Save the 3,200 That Occupy the Florida Coasts?

American Tourism, Leisure Water Activities, and the Fishing Industry are the main causes of the Decline of Manatees.

Indian Rocks Beach, FL, November 07, 2008 --( Many public awareness campaigns, research and educational programs, and lobbying groups help protect manatees.

Approximately 3,200 occupy the southeastern portion of US coastal waters, yet as many as 100 die each year. American Tourism plays a vital role in manatees becoming endangered species. With Florida as one of the largest vacation spots in the country, manatees are losing their natural habitats from red tide, the destruction of marine grass and chemical pollution from runoff. Additionally, with Americans continually rushing even during leisurely activities such as jetting on large yachts, partying on fast speedboats, and jet skiers zipping through the waterways resulting in collisions, we can only expect manatees to become endangered. Manatees have also become endangered because of large fishing boats and entanglement in fishing lines.

To help raise public awareness on the Florida manatees, Indian Rocks Beach artist, Karen Justice created a hilarious greeting card line featuring a variety of manatee designs. The designs contain vividly bright colors and were created in warm, tropical settings. Deep blues, vibrant yellows, and flirty pinks are the signature colors Karen uses. Light-hearted, warm, and clever sayings are splashed across each one of her designs. Because the designs are innovative and unique, she has become one of the most influential artists of her time.

Karen is an advocate of animal rights and is strongly committed to the preservation of manatees. Now, relax with a cup of coffee and visit the wild jungle chick website. Soak in the beautiful colors of each card and laugh at the manatee designs. The relaxation and laughter felt after viewing her designs is her mission. Coming soon to the website is the chicken's blog. It will include a Q&A on a variety of topics. Join the chicken's world by visiting

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