Horizon Media, Inc. First to Put Lotame’s Time Spent Platform to the Test, Lotame’s ‘Time Spent’ Technology Places Ad ‘Impact’ Over Impressions

New York, NY, October 23, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Lotame, a platform enabling targeted advertising to customizable audiences through social media, today announced that Horizon has become the first advertising agency to test Lotame’s Time Spent technology as part of an online advertising strategy for a television network. Unlike the majority of today’s advertising revenue models Lotame’s Time Spent technology measures the impact of advertising based on the time that individuals spend viewing display ads.

Time Spent technology regulates ad delivery to an audience defined with Lotame’s proprietary Crowd Control™ platform. Crowd Control provides the means to define audiences by traditional demographic information as well as by areas of interest demonstrated by participation in social media.

In order to accurately measure the impact of the time spent with the ad, Lotame’s Exposure Tracker technology counts the time that a user actually spends viewing an ad without counting time when the ad is obscured, minimized or scrolled out of view. By accurately monitoring and combining the time each user spends with the ad in plain sight, Lotame can measure the actual impact on the desired audience. In this way, Time Spent removes the single biggest flaw of traditional display advertising – the fact that an “impression” may not make any impression at all.

“We’re interested in opportunities to leverage exposure time as a mechanism to encourage offline activity including retail store traffic or even tune-in. The idea of getting in-front a desired target for a pre-determined amount of time is a valuable one,” said Donnie Williams, VP, Director of Digital Strategy at Horizon Media, Inc. “This is what we expect from Lotame and other strategic partners – collaboration that leads to enhanced digital strategies.”

Lotame’s Crowd Control platform enables brands to target consumers based on active and recent interests, as demonstrated by blogging, uploading pictures, commenting, watching a video, etc., within social networks. Lotame then factors in multiple data points including age, gender and frequency – all of which are completely anonymous – to create a robust stable of user profiles that enable brands to target their messages to engaged consumers. In addition, Lotame can measure the impact of every campaign by gauging the increase in social media activity on the subject of the campaign, demonstrating that the message was received and internalized by the defined audience.

“The digital space is increasingly competitive for advertisers, and brands need to efficiently turn interest into action. Horizon is making full use of the benefits of Lotame’s Time Spent by reaching an audience when its interest in the subject matter is obvious and recent—ultimately timing the campaign to drive optimal results,” said Andy Monfried, CEO, Lotame. “This is a case where the value of click throughs is minimized as it is far more valuable to know you have exposed the core audience to a memorable campaign for a meaningful amount of time. Time Spent is designed to make a good campaign stick beyond the time it takes to click.”

Lotame recently announced it closed $13 million in series B financing to support its product offerings and business development efforts (see separate release dated August 19, 2008).

About Lotame
Lotame provides a platform for easily building and addressing customizable consumer audiences based on social media activity in addition to implied or stated interests. Lotame has specifically designed its patented Crowd Control platform to take full advantage of the unique attributes of social media, using participation and user generated content as a foundation for improved campaign performance. Lotame is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). Please visit www.lotame.com for more information.

Crystal Macaulay