CureMD All-in-One EMR/EPM Solution Receives 5-Star Rating

CureMD is known for providing innovative technologies and by launching DRT we have simply targeted the most important requirements of physicians i.e. “Time & Cost Saving”.

New York, NY, October 24, 2008 --( CureMD’s all-in-one DRT (Discrete Reportable Transcription) enabled, EMR/PM solution received 5-star ratings by the AC Group due to its proven results for medical error reduction, improved clinical documentation and level of service coding.

According to AC Group “the vendor must meet a minimum of 90% of the full EHR capability, with internet-based Personal Health Records, health maintenance tracking, proven interoperability with other EMR vendors, national clinical standard couplers, clinical decision support with nationally recognized alerts, etc. The application must have interfaces to multiple Practice Management Systems and demonstrate the ability to provide specialty content in numerous sized practices”.

CureMD is known for providing innovative technologies and by launching DRT we have simply targeted the most important requirements of physicians i.e. “Time & Cost Saving”. DRT is the only overnight transcription service providing full features of an EMR, enabling providers to continue practicing in their own unique style.

Using DRT, providers call a toll free number and dictate their findings and clinical assessments in their own words. The transcribed output is directly recorded into the EMR as discreet data that can be used for analysis, trending, PQRI and research. Voice to EMR conversion enables providers to cut their transcription costs in half and still generate a clinical note via the application, as the system enables them to import these individually transcribed components into a single predefined format.

On average a provider spends 7.5 minutes on new patients and 4.3 minutes on return patient visits. Given the average ratio of 13% new patients to 87% returning patients, the typical EMR would require an additional 187 minutes per day of charting time. That’s 3 hours of additional work per day. DRT saves you this time enabling you to check more patients and maximize return on investment.

It’s a breakthrough new concept that is making practices radically more successful by letting them transform their operations to deliver high quality care with ease. CureMD promotes subscription based, cost effective pricing and meets all CCHIT, DOQ-IT and HIPPA standards to deliver products practices can truly rely on.

Their aim is to accelerate the adoption of their DRT enabled, interoperable all-in-one solution throughout the US healthcare system.

About AC Group
AC Group, Inc. (ACG), formed in 1996, is a healthcare technology advisory and research firm designed to save participants precious time and resources in their technology decision-making. AC Group is one of the leading companies, specializing in the evaluation, selection, and ranking of vendors in the PMS/EMR/EHR healthcare marketplace. Twice per year, AC Group publishes a detailed report on vendor PMS/EHR functional, usability, and company viability. This evaluation decision tool has been used by more than 5,000 physicians since 2002. Additionally, AC Group has conducted more than 200 PMS/HER searches, selections, and contract negotiations for small physician offices to large IPA since 2003.

About CureMD
CureMD is the leading provider of innovative health information management solutions that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. CureMD's revolutionary technology simplifies decision making, streamlines operations and ensures compliance to industry standards and best practices, ultimately saving time and effort to maximize value and returns.

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