HAPPYneuron Online Brain Training Programs Available on AXA’s Preventative Health Online Platform

Five free HAPPYneuron games available through AXA Health to promote healthy brain activities.

Mountain View, CA, October 24, 2008 --(PR.com)-- HAPPYneuron, a leading provider of scientifically-based online cognitive exercises, announces its partnership with AXA Health, a France-based non-profit organization specializing in preventative health programs, to offer HAPPYneuron (www.happy-neuron.com) brain fitness memory programs available for free on the AXA Web site at www.axasanteplus.com.

AXA Health will offer HAPPYneuron brain training games free of charge on its Health-Prevention platform. A subscription upgrade that allows access to an additional 15 HAPPYneuron games is also available on the site.

Increasing scientific evidence shows that actively participating in appropriately designed brain fitness workouts aids mental agility. HAPPYneuron games were developed by a team of neurologists, cognitive psychologists and educational scientists to specifically target the five major cognitive brain functions: memory, attention, language, executive functions and visual/spatial skills.

“In order to prevent the aging of the brain, it is essential to use all possible means to train the five cognitive functions,” said neurologist Dr. Bernard Croisile, co-founder of HAPPYneuron. “Training your brain is a lifestyle; you must find the things that interest you that will also effectively work your brain to keep it healthy and sharp.”

AXA Health selected HAPPYneuron online brain games among a host of other programs because of its strong scientific validation. For more information on HAPPYneuron, visit www.happy-neuron.com.

About HAPPYneuron
HAPPYneuron, Inc., headquartered in Mountain View, Calif., a pioneer in brain fitness, offers a broad range of scientifically-proven and personalized brain training workouts. Designed for people of any age, the programs maximize the brain’s capacity to learn, adapt to new information, enable mental sharpness and minimize the natural effects of brain aging. Program effectiveness is optimized through the availability of thousands of hours of fun and challenging brain games, guided by an online personal coach. To learn more about HAPPYneuron, Inc. visit www.happy-neuron.com.

About AXA Health
AXA Health was founded in May 2007 and is a voluntary, non-profit association specializing in preventative health programming. AXA Health has three main goals: Supporting people at all times to help protect their health, supporting (patient or professional) organizations working in the field on a daily basis; and promoting the services that privilege new ICTs to improve preventative health measures.

To carry the message the association has launched a 2.0 website, AXAsante.fr that is already referenced as a health information Web site. The association also gave rise to the AXA Health Grand Prix, a competition that annually rewards and promotes the best health-prevention actions set up by companies. Right from the start, AXA Health has worked on major public health projects and particularly focused on detecting hypertension cases in France.

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