It's a Sin to be Boring

Danny Ray releases Captivators a new resource for "Must-See performers with a Life-Changing Message."

Los Angeles, CA, October 24, 2008 --( “It’s A Sin to be Boring!” says Street Magician-Pastor.

He Launches Featuring Must-See Performers with a Life-Changing Message.

While TV magicians David Blaine and Chris Angel are wowing viewers with “street magic.” Danny Ray performs his eye-popping impossible-looking sleight of hand tricks for, believe it or not…church groups.

The 34-year old Ray, who is also an ordained minister says, “Jesus’ message is exciting and life-altering. We blow it as ministers when we make church events boring. If you really want to reach people today, you need to grab their eye-balls.”

Though he has earned a Masters of divinity degree from Fuller Seminary, Ray is spreading the message through his visually stirring performances, not via traditional preaching. And Ray’s approach seems to be gaining popularity in a culture where most people have become entertainment-oriented “viewers” and not just passive listeners.

Last month Danny Ray has launched “Captivators”, a resource for church leaders who want to hire what Ray calls “Must-see performers with a life-changing message.” The first two presenters added to the “Captivators” roster are both comedy-variety specialists: Adam Christing is an interactive comedian and a veteran of the humor and special event business; Christing founded “Clean Comedians” in 1990. Christing uses props, lots of audience involvement, and stand-up comedy in his performances.

Dave “the horn guy” Enns is the other performer on Ray’s new roster of “Captivators.” Enns recently appeared on the New Gong Show and, rather than being gonged as many expected, he won first place. Enns’ act is unusual. His body is covered with bicycle horns that he uses to entertain NBA half-time audiences with funny musical numbers. Christing, who mostly performs for “secular” events, is the host of the National Outreach Convention every year in San Diego, a conference for pastors who are looking for cutting-edge approaches for doing their ministries.

While major corporations like Coca-Cola and Microsoft have hired Ray, Christing, and Enns for their functions, these men now also perform for all types of church gatherings, for groups as large as Rick Warren’s influential Saddleback Church and as small as the local Methodist youth group around the corner.

“I’ve endured too many cheesy, un-rewarding church programs,” Danny Ray smiles. “My aim is to fix that--to give ministers top-notch entertainment experiences that also convey the pure message of God’s truth. We don’t – and we won’t – settle for boring.” 

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