First 5.9 GHz DSRC VII Network and Toll System Established on New York City Streets and Highways: Kapsch TrafficCom United States Installs 40 Units

Kapsch Demonstrates Traffic Technology of the Future at 15th ITS World Congress.

New York, NY, October 24, 2008 --( Kapsch TrafficCom (, announced today its 5.9 GHz Dedicated Short Range Communications (DSRC) Multiband Configurable Networking Unit (MCNU) roadside equipment (RSE) and 5.9 GHz DSRC WAVE tolling point, including video-based vehicle detection, Vehicle Infrastructure Integration (VII) installations in New York.

As part of the ITS 15th World Congress, Kapsch TrafficCom will demonstrate its roadside equipment and systems integration services and deliver the first fully live, functional 5.9 GHz DSRC interoperable technologies and integrated safety systems network in Manhattan and on Long Island Expressway. ITS World Congress and New York State and City Department of Transportation (NY DOT) partnered with Kapsch to install more than 40 RSEs on city streets and highways to improve the safety, security and efficiency of United States surface transportation system.

“The entire 5.9 GHz infrastructure for the VII Test Beds in Manhattan and on the Long Island Expressway was implemented by Kapsch TrafficCom. These test beds demonstrate applications such as in-vehicle signing, tolling and congestion pricing, emergency responder signal pre-emption, navigation, commercial vehicle weigh in motion, and traveler information and ecommerce,” said Justin McNew, Chief Technology Officer, Kapsch TrafficCom Inc. “Our work here with the NY DOT and the ITS World Congress will serve as national VII test beds for future research and development.”

"This year’s 15th World Congress on Intelligent Transport Systems will demonstrate the most innovative VII technology applications using 5.9 GHz DSRC infrastructure. Kapsch TrafficCom has been a key partner in implementing the particularly demanding requirements of this technology and supplying communications equipment that functions well in this urban canyon setting;” said Michael Noblett, Chairman, ITS World Congress. “We are very pleased that Kapsch TrafficCom has been able to meet this complex set of requirements and has supported New York City and State in pioneering this vehicle safety communications test bed that we will use as a platform for these demos.”

About Kapsch TrafficCom
Kapsch TrafficCom is an international supplier of innovative road traffic telematics solutions. Its principle business is the development and supply of electronic toll collection (ETC) systems, in particular for open road tolling (ORT) / multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) and high occupancy tolling (HOT), and the technical and commercial operation of such systems. Kapsch TrafficCom also supplies traffic management systems, with a focus on road safety and traffic control, and electronic access systems and parking management. With more than 200 reference projects in over 30countries in Europe, Australia, Latin America, in the Middle-East, in the Asian/Pacific region and in South Africa with almost 13 million on-board units (OBUs) and over 11,000 equipped lanes, Kapsch TrafficCom has positioned itself among the leading suppliers of ETC systems worldwide. Kapsch TrafficCom is headquartered in Vienna, Austria, and has subsidiaries and representative offices in 20 countries. In the U.S., Kapsch TrafficCom has offices in Carlsbad, CA and Sterling, VA.

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