Healthy Growth Continues at Jus International

Boise, ID, October 25, 2008 --( As several Idaho corporations continue to go through layoffs, a light in the Boise-economy is getting brighter. Jus International will hire several new employees in the coming months and throughout the next year to support the growth it is experiencing as a Treasure Valley business.

The headquarters of Jus Antioxidant supplement in Boise, Idaho currently employs 25 individuals in several departments, and continues to see the need for more help. It houses the corporate team and founders; a financial department; customer service; web design; creative design and development; and a marketing department. An in-house legal team also provides the company with important legal services.

The company, who first shipped product in January 2008, is seeing noticeably increasing sales. As health becomes more important during a particularly stressful point in history, Jus Antioxidant is more beneficial than ever for individuals fighting off sickness.

Jus International’s President and CEO Jeffery Boyle says, “We at Jus International have decided not to participate in the recession. Jus International’s economic outlook is outstanding and we expect double digit growth for years to come.” The same sentiment is felt by the industry’s governing body, the Direct Selling Association, in statements made by officials predicting great opportunities for the industry. These statements were made only days following Boyle’s comments.

Jus hopes to build a new corporate office in the future. Their current space is at capacity after moving in a short time ago at the end of Spring. In the mean time, the office will spill into the unit next door in addition to the current square footage, a moved expected before the end of the year.

“We are continuing to grow due to a scientifically backed product, incredible marketing, industry leading compensation plan, and of course an outstanding executive team,” Jus International’s CFO Kyle Copeland says.

Independent distributors of the product utilize the building on Emerald Road in Boise to hold meetings, pick up product and speak with customer service representatives. These Independent Business Owners are part of another opportunity at Jus International. The direct selling company allows customers to purchase a business kit and purchase Jus Antioxidant on a monthly basis to drink or sell. IBOs are paid commissions as they sign up new IBOs or sell product, and as they continue to work toward earning a higher rank based on sales.

These commissions can add up every week, helping to covering everything from just the cost of gas per month to making a significantly positive impact on the entire budget of IBOs who sell Jus Antioxidant.

Currently, positions at the corporate office are open in several departments, with potential for growth in other departments in the future.

Jus International
Kelli Russell