Leading Online Workplace Issues Resource Taps Cincinnati Public Relations Firm

Employaid Looks to Eisen to Build Awareness, Usage of HR Supersite.

Cincinnati, OH, October 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Never have workplace issues been so important and crystallized as they are right now, with employees and employers alike facing challenges of layoffs, productivity, morale, shrinking budgets, growing stress and even office romance. Lack of employee engagement is at an all-time high, and loyalty to an employer is at an all time low. But, information on how to handle such critical situations isn’t routinely available from employers. As a result, workers are often left to sink, swim, or get another job. Online resources have offered various aspects of workplace issues, with a focus on career tools. However, there has been no central hub where employees could turn for honest workplace answers and expert advice until human resources guru Barbara Poole created Employaid, which launched in March 2008.

Employaid is an online community where individual employees can find the informed resources they need for career success, such as “Dealing with Hostile Co-Workers,” “Surviving a Merger or Acquisition,” “Dealing With Substance Abuse at the Office,” “Dealing with Passive-Aggressive Behavior,” and tons of 100 percent original pieces of content offering pragmatic how to’s and straight talk. With convenient and practical tools such as podcasts, videos, forums, blogs, articles and white papers, employees and employers alike can take the right steps with an expert guide beside them. Site members can also access the Employaid Exchange, where they are able to ask a work/life question and receive an answer from an Employaid Expert within 24 hours.

And now, Poole says it’s time to spread the gospel of having a more rewarding work experience, taking control of the personal career “brand,” and taking the right steps in career success. To that end, the Connecticut based business turned to Greater Cincinnati public relations firm Eisen Management Group, who will be directing the national publicity, social media development and management, and awareness campaign for Poole and the Employaid website.

“There are so many issues and challenges in the workplace that through some education and actionable information, Employaid can make a tremendously positive impact on the professional lives of so many,” EMG president Rodger Roeser says. “To have been selected by this caliber of national expert and to have the opportunity to share her vision and this passion in creating a more positive work environment with the world is humbling.”

Poole said of EMG, “The team had a passion and exuberance for what it is I am trying to do. They gave me straight talk, no fluff, real deal honesty, and in the PR industry, I find that quite refreshing. No bloated promises or hyperbole, just a group of hard working professionals that gave me sound advice and who I trust to assist me in what I am looking to achieve.”

About Employaid
Employaid is an online community for corporate employees to find the resources they need for success, whether they are starting out, are ready to check out of a corporate career, or somewhere in between. Here members will find tools, strategies and skills to navigate the rough waters of their workplaces. Or, simply to get ahead in their life, work, and career.
Because everyone is an individual, Employaid was designed with the individual in mind. Members can find the aid they are looking for across a wide variety of media - so they get what they want, how they want it, when they need it. Employaid is a unique and growing community of Members who are changing the face of today's workplace. Employaid can be accessed at www.Employaid.com.

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