Bootube - Classic Horror Film Remix Visuals for Halloween

Bronx, NY, October 22, 2008 --( Fuevoz, LLC is pleased to announce their first release of ambient visuals for the Halloween Holidays: "BooTube".

Need video for your screens this Halloween? "BooTube" is the answer for bars, lounges and clubs for Halloween parties and special events.

"BooTube" is a suite of looping video mixes tailored for screens which are being installed in ever-greater numbers in public spaces throughout the world. The feature-length loops are elegant remixes of classic horror movies in distinct 'flavors' which may be played individually or on multiple screens for dazzling effect. "BooTube: Classic Frights" is a montage of highlights from 99 fright flicks ranging from campy to chilling. "BooTube: Fever Dream" is a lush stream-of-conscious melange of clips that unfold in a painterly dreamscape. "BooTube: Tricks and Treats" combines archival clips with custom footage of iconic Halloween images and motion design in a high energy mix with subliminal shocks best suited for dance floors. All three loops are chock-full of ghouls, were-creatures, zombies and other creepy crawling beasts.

"BooTube" is available for rental in Standard Definition as a set of three (3)
autoplaying/looping DVDs and in evening-length High Definition digital movies for playback via HDMI or component analog video on the Fuevoz Server on a non-exclusive basis. SD DVDs are available to rent at $99 for the first set of three ($24 each additional DVD); the complete set of HD loops on the Fuevoz Server may be rented for $199 ($99 each additional Server)*.

Custom mixes and live VJ services are also available.

Fuevoz, LLC is the leading Visuals Design company providing comprehensive artistic and technical services to deliver stunning content for Screens in architectural, environmental and performing arts settings. Fuevoz visuals have energized spaces and stages for Beastie Boys, American Museum of Natural History, MTV Networks, MySpace, the Superbowl, and clients throughout the world.

For more information please contact Benton-C Bainbridge at +1(646)338-9172 or

*DVD rush delivery fee: $19. HD Fuevoz Server delivery/setup/pickup fee is $49.

Fuevoz, LLC
Benton-C Bainbridge