Jus International Executives Are Confident About Sales Potential

Company-Wide Growth is Expected Despite Economic Downturn.

Boise, ID, October 25, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Jus International’s executive team is confident that the economic turmoil felt around the world will not have a negative effect on the company’s growth, according to President and CEO Jeffery Boyle.

Boyle’s reaction to the up-and-down stock market in the past several weeks is the subject of an announcement sent to the entire company. A response from the President of Jus comes as many questions about the state of the economy and its effect on the direct selling industry are raised.

“We at Jus International have decided not to participate in the recession,” Boyle says. “Jus International’s economic outlook is outstanding and we expect double digit growth for years to come.”

He continues to explain that the economic downturn is an opportunity for positive growth for distributors of the company’s product, Jus Antioxidant. The business model is built on direct sales, or network marketing, designed to allow individuals run their own business. This model allows Independent Business Owners to be able to work full-time while building their Jus business.

The benefits of signing up as an IBO at Jus International include using the product, sharing it with others and earning on the sales of purchases and the opportunity to build a business centered on a healthy product.

“This wave of economic uncertainty provides our IBOs with great opportunities to grow their own businesses and positively affect those individuals who may be impacted by current economic trends,” Boyle continues

The company continues to see steady growth as the desire for health and wellness continue to be an important priority. Jus Antioxidant’s blend of 23 berries and herbs supports health with its anti-inflammatory properties and energy and immune-boosting ingredients.

“Sales are notably increasing each month,” says Kyle Copeland, CFO at Jus International. “We expect sales to continue to increase each month for the foreseeable future as we continue to expand internationally and further penetrate the markets we are currently operating in.”

The growth, he says, continues because of the scientifically-backed product, plus marketing strategy and a compensation system that supports the product and an executive team with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry.

The company is looking to move into new markets in the coming year throughout Asia, Central and South America.

About Jus International:
Jus International developed, alongside the nation’s top nutritional company, its patented Jús Antioxidant, shipping its first batch in January 2008. The Boise-based direct selling company opened an office in Japan and began moving product shortly after in June 2008. Local, national, and international Independent Business Owners are involved in selling the product, a blend of 23 berries and herbs and the markets most innovative liquid nutrition supplement. For more information visit www.jus.net.

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