Host Color Launched Powerful Virtuozzo VPS Hosting Solution

Host Color announced the launch of powerful Virtual Private Server solution based on Virtuozzo Containers OS virtualization solution. The VPS Power Hosting ( features 1 GB RAM, 50 GB HDD and 350 GB monthly transfer. The company revealed that the test shows that this virtual server can power up to 100 advanced websites. It costs $69.95 per month.

Wilmington, DE, October 26, 2008 --( Host Color, one of the fastest growing providers of Virtuozzo powered VPS Hosting Services ( revealed to web hosting media that its new virtual private server solution - VPS Power ( saves around $100/month on dedicated hosting to any site owner of an advanced website business.

"There is a growing demand for high class customized web hosting solutions but most dedicated servers you can find on the market aren't cost effective for small businesses. That's why we launched "VPS Power", a virtual private server we say "So powerful that people will refuse to believe that it is just VPS", said Alexander Avramov, Managing Director of Host Color LLC.

"VPS Power" comes with 1024 MB RAM, 50 GB hard drive and 350 GB data transfer per month. The web host said it tested the performance of the virtual server with 100 well-established websites and the results showed that the resources of VPS Power were enough to power them.

The VPS solution costs $69.95/month. Host Color offers it with Linux OS per customer’s choice. It allows customers to choose between three web hosting control panels (hosting automation software) - Plesk, cPanel and NextColor - company’s branded hosting control panel. Plesk is the recommended software. It’s license for 100 websites costs $15.95/month with Host Color. Those who don't have a budget to purchase Plesk or cPanel can use NextColor. Host Color host doesn't charge for the usage of its branded NextColor control panel.

The VPS provider enables small businesses who don't have time to deal with server administration to sign up for VPS management service called "FM VPS" (Fully Managed VPS). FM VPS is priced only at $49.95/month and includes: Initial VPS Set-up, IP management, OS installation and maintenance, Anti-virus and Anti-Spam installation, Reboots, VPS recovery, Control Panel updates, and Resource monitoring. According to web host, this VPS management service is one of the most affordable in among the whole VPS hosting market.

Host Color offers two other virtual private server solutions - VPS Start ( and VPS Advance ( VPS Start is an entry level virtual server with 192 MB RAM, 10 GB hard drive and 50 GB data transfer quote, while VPS Advance features 512 MB RAM, 25 GB HDD and 200 GB data transfer per month. "VPS Start" costs $19.95 per month. "VPS Advance" is priced at $49.95/mo.

The hosting company uses Cent OS to power customers' virtual servers, but it also said that any other Linux distributions can be installed either by customer or as a part of "FM VPS" service agreement.

"Host Color's team works hard to customize web hosting services and this is our main advantage", explained Alexander Avramov. He added that his company creates custom VPS hosting environment for any of its business hosting customers.

The hosting provider is well-known with its approach to hosting business named "Quality Web Hosting". Its executives say that Host Color "customizes even Shared Hosting services to allow anyone to work in personalized business environment". The company has recently introduced some customized shared hosting plans such as Textpattern Hosting, B2Evolution Blog Hosting, and WordPress Hosting. These hosting plans are made to better serve site owners who want to use the above software applications.

Host Color has opened last month its new Affiliate Program ( It transfers 25% of the company's revenue per sale to its affiliates and at the same time pays them for each unique visitor sent to Host Color's website.

About Host Color
Host Color LLC is a quality U.S. web hosting company incorporated in Delaware. It powers thousands of business and personal websites in data centers in South Bend, Indiana, U.S. and Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The company also provides fully Managed dedicated hosting through HC Servers ( and European hosting services through HC Europe ( It offers discounts to academics and non-governmental organizations. The Host Color's corporate message is "Web hosting about people, not about gigabytes."

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