Local Private Chef to Celebrities Goes on National Reality Show

Chef Barry Kraemer, Private Chef and Owner of Sage Kitchen Catering, will appear on Keyshia Cole's reality show this Fall, highlighting the demand for healthy cuisine by this culture's movers and shakers.

Altanta, GA, October 26, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Local Chef to Celebrity Heads for National Television on Hit Reality Show

Already a local favorite, show will present Chef Barry Kraemer on the national stage and let the nation witness his unusual cooking style.

Brings further attention to the shift towards All-Natural and Organic cuisine.

Chef Barry Kraemer, R&B sensation, Keyshia Cole’s Private Chef, will appear on the third season of her smash hit reality show on BET, “Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is.” The ultra-successful hire Barry Kraemer, a natural and organic chef, to transform their eating styles to one that will make them feel optimally, look radiant, and fit to support their demanding and often public lifestyle.

“This culture downplays the role food plays in our overall well-being,” Chef Kraemer says, “If you change your diet, you can indeed transform your life, there is a direct connection.” His highly nutritious food is prepared such that his clients hardly know they are eating “healthy,” per se, and just get to savor the delicious blend of flavors Chef Kraemer creates. His high profile clients, such as Keyshia Cole, seek the highest quality diet and Chef Kraemer delivers. His former clients include the President of the Florida Marlins, Owner of the Florida Panthers, and doctors and heads of major hospitals, to name a few.

Chef Barry Kraemer is in the leagues of a few nationally-known chefs who are crusading the philosophy of organic, natural, and cruelty-free ingredients to prepare nutritious meals. It is no longer en vogue to eat poorly and the nation is responding, as organic foods hold the highest market share in its history.

In addition to his more well-known clients, Chef Kraemer is the personal chef to several families in the Atlanta area and teaches private cooking lessons so the average family can learn how to better their lives through nutritious eating. “It is amazing how delicious highly nutritious food can be.” “I enjoy re-creating recipes that my clients have had passed down from their grandparents. They are usually packed with nutrition and delicious and comforting. The modern diet is highly thinned out, as far as value is concerned.” Although he specializes in preparing highly customized diets for each client, his favorite style of cooking is bistro-style, which he describes as approachable comfort food inspired from his travels around the world. “Food has to be delicious and to be satisfying, not minimalist or minimal! Food is a great equalizer. People of all economic levels can eat amazing food and share magical experiences around the dinner table. That’s what it’s all about.”

Rocker abandons the guitar for the sauté pan.

Chef Kraemer’s is not your ordinary success story. Obtaining a B.A. in Journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia did not prepare him for his career selling juices for the local Arden’s Garden to pay his bills while playing bass guitar in the veteran Atlanta band, Gurufish. Cooking for his band mates and friends after late-night shows launched him into his career as a self-taught Chef.

“When we ate his food, we knew he needed to feed people for a living, no one is surprised his career went in this direction, this is natural talent, not textbook talent.” says Jimmy Northup, lead singer of Gurufish. Chef Barry says that that time is his life also introduced him to a journey in the exploration of nutrition and diet. Having experimented with being a vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, and just about every diet possible, he is convinced that every person’s body requires “a truly different combination of elements to function optimally. No two bodies are alike.” But, he adds, “everyone wants good food.”

Chef Kraemer will not reveal anything about the show or Keyshia Cole but shares that it is “an honor and pleasure to cook for her.” No one knows for sure what we will see Chef Barry Kraemer doing next in the kitchen but for now we can watch him in this Fall’s BET lineup demonstrating the love of his three passions: music, nutrition, and food.

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