Bernadeen McLeod Has Begun Her Journey of Growth by Joining ActionCOACH

McLeod nurtures a burning commitment to serve and enable others to succeed.

Las Vegas, NV, October 26, 2008 --( Bernadeen McLeod has joined the ActionCOACH business coaching firm, Lifestyle Business Solutions Inc, with partners Jamie Cunningham and Ken Zelazny. She will be operating from the firm, which is located in Cambridge, Ontario in Canada.

“We will continue to serve the tri-cities – Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge (KWC), which are known for their large IT presence, unique entrepreneurial spirit and innovative manufacturing arenas,” she said.

Prior to becoming an ActionCOACH, McLeod served in the corporate world for 18 years. Her journey began with Sales & Marketing assignments and later as General Manager for the largest independent Canadian Distributor in the Plastics and Chemicals industry. For the last several years, Bernadeen worked as a Business Development Manager for a large Venture Capitalist type-firm in the Cambridge area with ten business units.

“With the distribution background serving a $110M revenue base, I was able to establish strong growth and a solid market niche to build a very profitable plastics manufacturing plant to complement the distribution base,” she said. “The team and infrastructure were created to serve a customer base across Canada and later the US.”

Her management style gained her recognition for being one that encouraged growth in all team members.

“I have also been known to have a contagious passion for excellence, a talent for resourceful business solutions and motivational leadership,” she said. “I effectively used an empowering, participatory approach that encourages accountability, teamwork and the continuous improvement of desired results.”

McLeod’s key strengths involve identifying and managing opportunities for strategic alliances, spotting trends in consumer markets and targeting new audiences while anticipating emerging technologies. She was also recognized as a coach to facilitate planning and execution for her team.

“I was referred to ActionCOACH by one of the company’s business coaching clients and that says a lot about the results we deliver,” she said. “After my research, I found it to be a great match for my skills and attitude.”

“When you live and work with a purpose to serve and enable others, and experience that there are no true boundaries or limits to self, you can’t help but respond to it - and live in the present,” she said. “These core beliefs are what lead me to exit the corporate structure and standard share holder value system.”

McLeod had a desire to go beyond the limiting space of the corporate world.

“I believe people stay within an organization based on the strengths of the team or colleagues within their environment and I had experienced much weakness in this area. I wanted to make a positive change in this regard by being congruent and consistent with an outstanding commitment to people and those relationships,” she said.

McLeod also felt the need to continue on her own journey of personal growth and change.

“Real growth involves leaving things inside us and being changed. I desire to reflect on my actions in realizing my full potential,” she said. “When it comes to leadership, only applied knowledge is power - that is what I want to focus on with clients as I build new relationships.”

A member of the Chamber of Commerce Cambridge and Chamber of Commerce Kitchener/Waterloo, McLeod is also active in National Service Dogs (NSD) - a non-profit organization that raises and trains dogs for children with Autism. She is also actively involved in her local church and community groups that require people, systems or planning support.

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