Save Cash on Gas, Go Green

Capital City Venture Homes offers $3,000 inventive to new home buyers who shorten their commute by moving to The Madison at Village Green.

Smyrna, GA, October 27, 2008 --( Capital City Venture Homes, LLC today announced a new green initiative by reducing commutes to promote saving time, money and the environment. Employees who are tired of paying nearly $4 a gallon and too much time in traffic can now benefit by moving closer into the city. This month, new home buyers will receive an additional incentive of $3,000 towards designer finishes by proving their commute to work was shortened.

Smyrna Mayor Max Bacon said, "As we move into the future, "reducing your carbon footprint" will be as natural an exercise as breathing. Until then, encouragement helps us "exercise" and the best exercise is walking. The Madison at Village Green is within walking distance of our social center, the Market Village, and citizen services such as the Library and Community Center. Beyond that, we are grateful that The Madison at Village Green is offering this incentive to encourage new residents to truly reduce their carbon footprint along with reducing carbon emissions."

The developer is working with employers in Cobb County and the City of Smyrna to promote the campaign to those who already work near the community. Several of the homeowners currently living there work at nearby Home Depot Corporate, IBM, Race Trac, Cobb County Board of Education and other schools.

Peter Bright, a developing partner said, "Many existing home owners had based their decision to purchase here on the fact that the location is convenient to their work, so we thought a reward for those trying to be earth friendly would be the right thing to do."

Check out The Madison at Village Green’s website ( to find out exactly how much your commute could be shortened by moving to a neighborhood closer to your work place. The community is nestled just behind the Smyrna Market Village that hosts dining, shopping and services like Moe’s Southwest Grill, Atkins Park and The Wine Cellars. Smyrna is continually growing with new residential and commercial developments under way.

A Madison at Village Green homeowner enjoys a lifestyle of maintenance free living along with a variety of amenities. Each 2 or 3 bedroom home is custom built from the buyer’s selection of top notch finishes. The quality and style of each individual home brings great value to the residents and the city of Smyrna.

The Madison at Village Green is the tenth project in a stream of successful communities by Capital City Venture Homes, LLC, headquartered in Marietta, GA. In the metro Atlanta area that includes Taylor’s Ridge in Smyrna, Elizabeth Heights in Sandy Springs and Sierra West in Norcross. The developing partners have over 15 years experience in building new construction and creative reuse projects. Buyers interested in finding out more can reach the sales office at 770-390-9900, or visit

Capital City Venture Homes, LLC
Tiffany Shearer