Free Custom Latch Hook Site Gets New Features with Version 2.0

New features for your custom latch hook project are now available, including a simpler and more powerful interface, dithering, selecting yarn manufacturer, and more editing features for your uploaded picture. The site is still the best way to create a latch hook project from your picture, and is still created in mere seconds.

Portland, OR, October 28, 2008 --(, the web site that creates a free latch hook from your uploaded picture in seconds, introduces new features with version 2.0. Simply upload your digital picture, and you'll have your own custom latch hook project. All you need is the canvas, yarn, and a latch hook tool (purchased elsewhere). No software to buy or install. No waiting for a package in the mail.

New in version 2.0 is a simpler interface, an almost instant view of what the finished latch hook project will look like, actual size pdf printing of the project, zoom capability, editing of your original (cropping, contrast, brightness, rgb color manipulation), and more.

Dave Schooler