Joining Over 350 Twilight Fan Based Sites Around the World will be joining a multitude of Twilight fan sites on the World Wide Web.

Memphis, TN, October 28, 2008 --( Raelynn Coombs, extreme enthusiast of the Stephenie Meyer Twilight book saga, recently launched the newest Twilight fan based site to hit the World Wide Web, With over 350 fan sites on the web already, should quickly climb the ranks to become one of the top Twilight inspired sites. With the entire site relating to the Twilight series, fans will be dazzled by the latest news articles, photo gallery, forum, contests, shop, free limited email and much more.

This site is inspired by StephenieMeyer's best-selling four book saga that has sold over 17 million copies internationally. Although the books are categorized in the young adult section, the fans range from young teens to adults of all ages. The series has created a dedicated fan base so passionate, that records are being broken everyday. With the release of the Twilight movie only a few weeks away on November 21st, expect this worldwide mania to break even more records. The movie cast includes names such as Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Nikki Reed, Kellan Lutz, Ashley Green, Jackson Rathbone, Taylor Lautner, Cam Gigandet and more. will provide current news on everything related to the book series, movie, cast, author, etc. Since the storyline of Stephenie Meyer's books involves vampires and humans, you can expect to find topics related to this and other mythological creatures floating around this site. To help the fans who are truly addicted, TwilightMania offers a 12 Step Program too. The TwilightMania Coven Forum will have a variety of topics up for discussion and logo t-shirts will be offered in the shop.

During the first month of the sites grand launching, fans will have the option to apply for a free email account with the suffix. There will also be a contest to enter with a cash prize, and much more. If you own a Twilight related site, you can join TwilightMania's Elite Topsites to see where you rank online. will keep an up to date site with current news and information and will make every effort to meet the demands of the fans.
About is based in Collierville, Tennessee and is owned and operated by Raelynn Coombs a mother, wife and extreme fan of Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight series. Raelynn is also currently working on a sister site, which will display art of all types created by the fans. This artwork will be inspired by the Twilight book series and will include drawings, paintings, jewelry, music, recipes, and more. The launching of the sister site,, will be announced soon on the site. is not officially affiliated with Stephenie Meyer, Little Brown Books, or Summit Entertainment. This website has been created for entertainment and interest purposes only and does not offer official merchandise.

Raelynn Coombs