DSA/IMSA Education at IECSC - Las Vegas 2006

Classes and Training sponsored by DSA/IMSA in Las Vegas IECSC 2006

Union City, NJ, May 27, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The Day Spa Association & The International Medical Spa Association have prepared educational workshops during the upcoming IECSC (International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference) in Las Vegas June 03-06. Industry experts (and members of these two organizations) will share their knowledge how you start/operate a profitable day and/or medical spa business and what business tools are essential to their success.

“We have been conducting these workshops for the past 12 years. Our education is totally unbiased and participants in our classes come away with raving reviews”, comments Hannelore R. Leavy, Executive Director of both associations. “This year, for the first time, we are conducting a computer workshop, along with shorter classes that will address important and proven methods from industry experts that have been there, done that and learned the hard way!”

Saturday JUN 03 9:00 am - 2:00 pm

Software for your Spa - Learn and Compare

Drawing of 2 iPods – you must be present to win!

These friendly competitors - Mack Software; Enablez, makers of ResortSuite; Millennium, by Harms Software; Milano Systems; ProSolutions - will highlight their applications to assist you in achieving an efficient operation, saving time & costly mistakes, and providing you with the marketing figures you need to succeed. The class will address in detail: Appointment Book; Register; Marketing/CRM; Inventory; Staff Relations and Head Office (Enterprise); Reporting; Security; Other Features include the Internet. Skip Williams will guide you through the maze and make it easy for you to make an educated decision.

Moderator: Skip Williams - Day Spa Association Advisory Board & Resources & Development.

Part I
9:00 am – Introduction of vendors and general computer know how • Virus Protection • Back up • Defrag and more …
9:15 am - What a Spa should expect from their appointment book (ease of use, features, and benefits)?
9:40 am - How to use the Point of Sale/Register system and what it can do?”
10:05 am - What kind of Data and /Reports will I need and how easy are they to get?
10:30 am - How can your Spa software help me to effectively market my business?
10:55 am – How can Spa software help me to manage my inventory?
11:20 am – What new and interesting innovations have been made recently and what can we look forward to in the near future?
11:45 am – 12:00 noon Meet the Vendors
One on one time to have a snack and speak to the Software Vendors individually

Part II
12:00 noon – Drawing for free iPod & Technology can be your friend
12:15 pm - How much will I spend to equip myself with the Spa Software system that will best fit my needs, and what do I get for my money?
12:40 pm – What makes your software so great, and why should I consider your company over your competition’s?”
1:05 pm – What other types of software and computer systems will your Spa Software Interface with and how do I set up that Interface?
1:30 pm – Open questions from audience to the panel of Spa Software Vendors
1:55 pm - Thank you for coming & drawing for second iPod

Saturday JUN 03 12:00 noon-2:00 pm

Money Making Day Spa Secrets

What’s the difference between good and great? Leading industry experts Catherine Atzen, Michael Lello, Eric Light, Doug Preston and Allan Share will show you ways to take your spa to a new level of performance. You’ll learn how to jump start your new business or improve profitability; about new techniques and equipment, leasing vs. buying.

Moderator: Michael Carter, Chair – Day Spa Association Advisory Board &
Athena Health Club & Day Spa

Eric Light, Strawberry Hill Group
The days of fluff and buff are long gone. With so many competitors, what does it take to stand out from the crowd? Learn from a former Proctor and Gamble Senior Manager (and now member of the DSA advisory board) why micro-branding is the key to success and why selling service isn't enough.

Michael G. Lello, Belvedere Inc.
Understanding today's spa business is essential for success. If you are opening, expanding or renovating, learn how you can increase profits by choosing the right spa and salon equipment. Ensure maximum functionality of your space with room sizes, types of treatment rooms and decor. Learn what the costs are and how to improve your profitability.
Alan Share, New Life Sytems

Buy or Lease? Let Allan Share from New Life, an industry source for equipment and supplies, take all the mystery out of leasing. Learn why leasing will conserve cash, keep your balance sheet looking sharp and provide you with full use without having to own!

Catherine Atzen BA, CIDESCO, ATZEN- Universal Companies
Learn how device-assisted Lymph Drainage Massage can be combined with the healing therapy of anti-aging/anti-oxidant skincare. This massage, in combination with therapeutic products, facilitates lymph re-absorption, and accelerates the flow of fluids through the body to help improve immune function, and the reduction of swelling and bruising post op. In just a few short sessions the esthetician can improve patient outcome and generate substantial income for the spa or medical practice.

Douglas Preston, Preston Inc.
Many easy-to-get income sources are right at a spa owner’s fingertips and yet they’re too busy so see them. Preston will show you how to find immediate sales and cash in your business in his insightful and always entertaining presentation! Here’s a chance to learn and earn from one of the industry’s true success stories!

Sunday JUN 04 4:00-6:00pm

Climb Aboard the Medical Spa Movement

It’s not a question of when, it’s how? What does it take to operate a successful medical spa; what do consumers want, what does the law require, and how will that affect your building and program design? Industry leaders Catherine Atzen, John Buckingham, Michael Effler, Eric Light, Tom Porter and Sheri Sallenbach will share their knowledge and answer many of your questions.

Moderator: Eric Light, President – International Medical Spa Association &
Strawberry Hill Group

John Buckingham, President – Salona Medspas

Developing a successful medical spa starts with understanding how to structure your business. There is a right and wrong way. Even though it changes state by state, there are some common business and legal issues for you to consider. How will your decisions effect the type of insurance and financing you can get? Whether you are a day spa owner or a licensed health care professional, you need to be aware of the regulations and guidelines that impact your success.

Michael Effler, Director of Architecture and Design, International Design Concepts

Design and Development Strategies: The International Design Concepts team, spa industry experts since 1984, work with medical professionals to develop unique medical spas and wellness centers. We’ll highlight the pros and cons of various pathways into a successful expansion of your practice – from leasing, design/build and remodeling, to purchasing land for grounds-up construction.

Tom Porter, President, Malibu Wellness, Inc.
Logical science or marketing hype? Be successful by raising the standards and establish a perspective that you can use to make wiser decisions on choices of ingredients and devices used on clients. Just because a client inquires about a service or ingredient does not suggest it is the right choice for your facility to offer. Overview of ingredient categories and offer a sobering perspective of “natural”, “synthetic”, “organic” and “chemical-free”. Total Oxidation Management , the theme of Tom’s book, “You’re Not Aging, You’re Just Oxidizing”.

Catherine Atzen BA, CIDESCO, ATZEN- Universal Companies
Look beyond a menu of services to a new way to drive business growth. Instead of a list of services, developing programs of care that improve patient outcomes is the best way to guarantee repeat clientele – the best way to generate substantial income and is key to successfully integrating medicine and spa. Lymphatic drainage massage is a high margin ad-on service that complements skin care and medical services such as peels, microdermabrasion, Botox, facials, cosmetic surgery, acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic, nutrition, body cleanses, cellulite and heavy leg treatments, Rosacea, and acne therapies.

Sheri Sallenbach, Educator, Edge Systems
What does it take to stand out from your competition! One way is to look at new technology and how it can generate revenue for your spa. HydraFacial™ is a new breakthrough in aesthetic technology that resurfaces the skin while infusing anti-oxidant, hydrating, and cleansing serums. Learn the value of new technology such as this and how it can make your spa prosper.

Post Conference Workshop (advance reservations required)
Tuesday JUN 06 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

The Strawberry Hill Group presents Eric Light
President of the International Medical Spa Association, Advisory Board Member of the Day Spa Association

Owning a Day Spa in a Med Spa World

It’s in newspapers, magazines, on TV and radio. Medical spas are where it’s at for consumers. So what if you are a day spa owner? What does that mean for you and the future of your business?

What’s driving medical spa success and how to become a part of the fastest growing segment of the spa industry? What are some of the legal issues involved? Learn how to select and then interact with a doctor. What does “corporate practice of medicine” mean and how will that effect your operations? What about anti-aging and wellness medicine? What are the latest treatment trends, equipment costs, and ways to finance any purchases? How about malpractice insurance?

Since almost every state has its own set of regulations, this is one of the most confusing issues facing spa owners today. You’ll leave this seminar with a direction, a firm understanding of what the market wants, the potential income to be generated, and a better sense of the legalities involved … and you will also come away with why you do not necessarily have to follow this trend and continue to do what you do best –deliver the best of day spa services to your customers.

Workshop leaders include prominent members of the DSA +IMSA.

To register for the IECSC go to www.iecsc.com.
THE DAY SPA ASSOCIATION & THE INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL SPA ASSOCIATION will be in booth #522+524 and will offer a special shoe membership drive during the tradeshow.

For more information on the DSA go to www.dayspaassociation.com; for the IMSA go to www.medicalspaassociation.org or call 201-865-2065.

Hannelore Leavy

The Day Spa Association
Hannelore R. Leavy