eGOware Supplants RSS Technology

Centerville, OH, March 28, 2005 --( eGOware (R) Inc. supplants RSS/content delivery puzzle by converging multiple delivery methods into one, easy to use solution.

In the world of communications, RSS plays a major but highly restrictive role, and is only one piece of the communication puzzle. Today, many people request specific content delivery, by subscribing to RSS feeds delivered through stand-alone RSS readers. While RSS delivery is proving significant to online users, publishers and content providers lose valuable traffic from their home websites, and with that, opportunity to present advertiser exposure, retain or enhance ongoing communication, brand extension or building relationships with valued customers.

RSS is not necessary and only a very small piece to the convergence puzzle, according the Ralph Conley, President of eGOware ® Inc.

“The key to the convergence puzzle is helping people become more efficient with their communications by making it easier to deliver a message or share important information. eGOware Convergence Communications allows RSS feed delivery and reading through our private Desktop Delivery Receiver, incorporating a RSS reader platform, along with Permission Communication directly to the end user. eGOware Convergence Communications provides the opportunity to extend your brand directly to the consumer desktop and enables you to communicate via RSS feeds, document delivery and verification, automated text-to-voice cell phone, voicemail/pager alerting, email or fax machine.”

eGOware provides easy to use communication services enabling its customers to stay connected no matter where they are, what communication device they have, at any time.

“With the click of a button you are able to proactively deliver time-sensitive information to your customers, advertisers, users, staff or entire organization with validation that they received and viewed your content or message. Your information can be delivered directly to their computer desktop (RSS reader imbedded), office phone, cell phone, PDA, fax, or email address. I now know when they receive the information and when they actually consume it,” Conley added.

By implementing eGOware’s services, users are equipped with secure, encrypted communications over a private network, utilizing the Internet and existing Intranets. The same information sent through the private network can also be delivered to multiple devices with just one click of a button.

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