Launches Visual News Service

NewsCharts has launched in Beta at The service takes a data visualization approach to the aggregation and delivery of daily news using a patent-pending data clustering schema. Anyone can package news topics into their own free personal charts and click through to the latest articles at destination sites.

Scottsdale, AZ, October 29, 2008 --( NewsCharts are collections of keywords collated as a group inside a chart, displayed as individual segments. Each segment shows a count of the number of unique articles for that keyword for today. Mouse over a keyword to see what percentage coverage that keyword has compared to the other keywords in the chart.

Together these visual tools provide an at-a-glance summary of daily news coverage across multiple news topics. For example, a statistical summary of news coverage for the candidates in the 2008 General Election on Monday October 27, 2008 at 10.00 p.m. E.T. showed Obama receiving almost 55% of all news coverage of all four candidates on the day:

Keyword # Articles For The Day

Obama 1,493
McCain 727
Palin 405
Biden 107

% Of News Coverage For The Day

Obama 54.65%
McCain 26.61%
Palin 14.82%
Biden 3.92%


About NewsCharts

NewsCharts are an effective means for people to manage the information overload problems of constant, on-demand, 24/7 online news, allowing rapid assimilation of multiple sets of news data.

NewsCharts utilizes a patent-pending data clustering approach to package news topics into data containers which are then displayed as visual charts. Anyone can register for a free NewsCharts account and generate their own charts featuring articles from tens of thousands of English-speaking news sites around the world.

Web sites can create their own free NewsChart widgets displaying news topics related to their site and then insert the chart widget onto their site with a snippet of code. Charts are updated automatically throughout the day by the NewsCharts servers.

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