Senior Courier - - to Release Free Mind Exercise Software

The Senior Courier, an online newspaper focusing on senior-oriented headline news, travel info, and blogs, announced an upcoming free software program designed to enhance mental skills in seniors.

Fort Worth, TX, October 29, 2008 --( (The Senior Courier) announced plans to offer its readers a free software program that will take a fun approach to memory enhancement, sharpening reasoning skills, and employing logic.

Editor of The Senior Courier, Howard Clarke--a health care worker, assistant professor at a medical university, and himself a cancer survivor--believes an Internet game, in particular, can help head off the aging process of the brain.

"Cancer survivors know all about 'chemo brain,' Mr. Clarke says, "a condition of foggy thinking related to chemotherapy and mimicking the type of degradation in thought processes we associate with aging. It's recently been suggested that using the Internet and just clicking on links and following the links exercises the mind, much the way seniors can, for example, sharpen thinking skills by playing the crossword puzzles on my website...but to a greater degree. Why not offer an online game based upon simply clicking on links--but with some decision-making involved?

The Editor has not issued a definite release date, but promises a launch soon, depending upon the interest this idea generates. His software experience includes "ER:The Emergency Simulation" and "Tacklebox," two software games he published in the '80s for use on Apple Computers.

"I think it'll be a fun thing--and certainly, should help put my website on the map," Mr. Clarke said. "A fair trade." If successfully received, he said, a more-involved commercial version of the game will follow.

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