Visitoons Sets Ground for Candidates Deathmatch

Virtual chat portal brings American voters to the heart of the presidential campaign allowing them to pick their favorite caricature candidate avatar to chat, dance and even fight with each other.

Miami, FL, October 30, 2008 --( Visitoons Chat (, a virtual chat portal, has come up with a chat room specially crafted for the U.S. 2008 Presidential Campaign where users can pick their favorite candidate, all-time politician or even celebrities to chat, dance and even fight with each other.

The Candidate’s Deathmatch chat room ( features a virtual corporate setting where candidates John Mc Cain and Barack Obama fight through the last campaign days. The current administration has its own representatives with characters the like of Condoleezza Rice and Mr. George W. Bush himself. But the Democrats are not light in commitment either: former President Clinton and Vice-President Al Gore are there as well to help spread the load.

The worldwide interest raised by the U.S. Presidential Elections is particularly high this year in the verge of the global financial crisis. Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez are joining the room along with the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela. Such is the draw from this year’s elections that even George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, JFK and many others have come back to life to check where America is headed for.

Visitoons Chat is an animated chat portal that launched to the worldwide community only two weeks ago. Visitoons Chat users can meet people in virtual chat environments, using their on-screen animated avatars to interact with the rest. They can also use a wide set of social features like maintaining a personal profile, contacts lists, photo albums and more. Websites and businesses hosting chat communities can opt to bring their users a unique animated chat experience creating their own virtual chat rooms using Visitoons Chat as an affordable hosted chat solution.

About the company

Visitoons, S.A. is an Argentine start up developing the Visitoons Platform, a flash-based Virtual Worlds platform designed as a compelling solution for bringing Virtual Worlds immersive experience to the existing Web.

Visitoons is now seeking strategic partners and investors that will help accelerate the company’s growth and will take part in accomplishing 2009 goals.

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