Atlantic Dominion Solutions Announces Focus on Internal Browser-Based Applications

Atlantic Dominion Solutions has streamlined its company focus to internal browser-based applications. Using an Adobe Flex interface, ADS delivers rich interactive experiences that function like a desktop application while working in any Web browser.

Orlando, FL, October 31, 2008 --( Atlantic Dominion Solutions (ADS) announces its exclusive focus on internal Web applications, which help boost clients’ productivity and efficiency. Using an Adobe Flex interface, ADS delivers rich interactive experiences that function like a desktop application while working in any Web browser. This streamlined focus fills a need with companies who are looking to increase internal productivity in a fast, effective and effortless way.

“For many of our clients, off-the-shelf software won’t work or they have to change the way they work internally to fit the tool,” ADS CEO Robert Dempsey says. “This shouldn’t happen. That is what ADS alleviates – the hassle of changing existing applications. We build customized, efficient products that are tailored to the company’s needs.”

Within each project, the key focus for ADS is to improve the way a company works, making it more efficient without having to reinvent the wheel. ADS has developed browser-based applications from the ground up for companies such as Daimler-Chrysler, Camber Corporation, The Conductive Education Center of Orlando, and Hilb Rogal & Hobbs Company.

“The CRM site created by Atlantic Dominion Solutions, LLC has transformed our ability to manage supporter and client data,” says Jen Gase, Executive Director of the Conductive Education Center of Orlando. “As a non-profit organization, it is crucial that we connect to current and potential donors and clients. Traditional CRM systems failed to meet our unique needs.”

ADS has been creating internal applications for clients for the last four years, in addition to a range of services such as Ruby on Rails, data warehousing and ADS Catalyst with rapid prototyping.

For more information on Atlantic Dominion Solutions’ internal applications, please visit, or call (321) 274-4684.


About Atlantic Dominion Solutions

With more than 20 years of combined experience in web application development, user interface design, and data warehousing, the Atlantic Dominion Solutions team knows how to put technology to work for your business. But we’re more than coding experts and creative business minds. We’re also dependable, detail-oriented, and results-focused project partners who work closely with you every step of the way. The foundation of our company is our shared commitment to innovative solutions, dedicated service, and effective communication. ADS is an active participant in the Ruby on Rails community and is internationally recognized as an advocate for Rails education and development.

ADS specializes in developing internal web applications that enable organizations to improve efficiency and optimize business processes while also reducing costs. That’s not possible with off-the-shelf software, which requires costly and inefficient changes to your existing workflow. We create custom technology solutions based on your company’s unique systems and requirements, with no changes to your current operations. ADS is a leader in using Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex to build flexible, database-backed applications that can be deployed quickly, scaled easily, and maintained with minimal effort. Our agile development with Scrum approach allows us to develop better applications in less time and deliver business value on a continuous basis.

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