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Rochester, NY, October 31, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Award Winning Author Offers Free e-Book.

In the spirit of sharing and of offering hope in these difficult times, Dale Goldstein and the Heartwork Institute are offering Goldstein’s award winning book, Heartwork: How To Get What You Really, Really Want, for Free in eBook format. In making this offer, Goldstein hopes to help transform fear into love on our planet, and encourage people to embrace what is really important in their lives.

In May of this year, Goldstein’s insightful and visually stunning book was awarded Silver Medal awards by both Foreword Magazine’s Book of the Year (Mind/Body/Spirit category) and Nautilus Book Awards (Personal Growth/Psychology category). The book also placed as a Finalist for the Benjamin Franklin Award (Psychology/Self-Help category). Award-winning artist, Richard Wehrman, designed and illustrated the book.

More recently, Dale joined with www.Herobracelets.org , an Austin TX based organization that supplies bracelets that honor those serving in our nation’s military, wounded in combat or killed in action. Dale is now hosting his own section on this site that provides grief support to our hero’s and their families. Visit grief support at http://herobracelets.org/?page_id=512

Goldstein wrote Heartwork: How to Get What You Really, Really Want to illuminate and explain the Heartwork process. Heartwork is both a counseling approach and a way of living. Offering a synthesis of Eastern meditative and Western psychotherapeutic techniques, Heartwork offers insights and experiential tools that take the reader through the psychological aspects of the mind in order to access the spiritual dimensions of consciousness. Goldstein’s approach is highly accessible, uplifting and, most of all, guides an individual toward embracing their own inherent grace, wisdom and joy.

Participants of the Heartwork process consistently witness the unfolding of miracles as they watch their most feared enemies (any distresses they habitually avoid or repress) transform into what Goldstein calls “doorways into a space of open awareness and insight.” Through the Heartwork process, Goldstein explains, “rather than giving the problems the power to run your life…you are continually learning from your experience, and life becomes ‘The Great Adventure.’” Dale Goldstein’s work is often referred to as a powerful “catalyst for healing.”

Go to http://www.awakentheheart.org to download your Free Book. This offer will last as long as the world is in this crisis.

For further information about Dale Goldstein, The Heartwork Institute, Heartwork events held in both Austin Texas and Rochester New York and more, please visit http://www.awakentheheart.org/events

About the Author: Dale Goldstein is a licensed psychotherapist and workshop facilitator who has actively explored the uses of meditative, healing and psychotherapeutic tools for the enrichment of individuals, groups and organizations since 1966. Dale attended the University of Michigan and Wayne State University, where he received a B.S. in Secondary Education in 1967, and a Master of Social Work degree in 1969. In 1971, feeling a lack of depth in his life, Dale moved to Rochester, NY to practice Zen under the guidance of Roshi Philip Kapleau. In 1980, he changed to an inquiry/awareness meditative practice with Toni Packer, with whom he worked for eight more years. In 1981, Dale coalesced his years of study, work, and personal practice into “Heartwork,” a gentle, deeply penetrating process that supports the growth and healing of the body/mind/spirit of individuals and organizations. Since then, Dale has worked with various teachers and has been working with Alia Johnson, a senior teacher in the Diamond Approach, since 2000. He is also currently in the Diamond Approach teacher training.

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