Rapid Response BioDecon Announces West Central Florida Operations for Crime & Trauma Scene Clean-Up, Meth Lab Clean-Up, and Bio-Hazard Remediation

Rapid Response BioDecon gives West Central Florida a choice in BioHazard Decontamination Services. Specialists in Crime & Trauma Scene Clean-Up, Meth Lab Clean-Up, and all issues of a biological hazardous nature are ready to assist families, businesses and municipalities in need.

St. Petersburg, FL, November 03, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Reputable companies that specialize in cleaning and decontaminating the scenes of crimes, homicides, suicides, accidents, unattended deaths and other toxic trauma scenes are pretty rare - and as of today the Tampa Bay Area is home to one. Today, the St. Petersburg based crime scene clean-up firm, Rapid Response BioDecon, Inc. officially announced that they've opened an office here in the Tampa Bay Area. Now, Central Florida residents from Gainesville and Lakeland to North Port and all points in between will have reliable clean-up, decontamination and remediation technicians to call on and rely on if they're unfortunate enough to find themselves responsible for a bio-hazardous trauma or accident scene.

"I started Rapid Response BioDecon as a way to provide competent, considerate, and discreet CTS clean-up and decontamination services to people caught in a traumatic situation. The last thing a property manager, small business owner or grieving family wants to have to deal with is the aftermath of a crime, accident or loved one's suicide," offered Patricia Abney - the President and founder of Rapid Response BioDecon. "When they're confronted by a trauma or accident families need to be protected and businesses need to provide for the safety of their customers and employees. Professional decontamination, removal and remediation of decomposition related hazards and other toxic materials is essential." Abney stressed that “Because of the risk associated with contaminated blood, including HBV, HIV, and AIDS, our staff is specially trained and certified in the cleanup and removal of potentially diseased blood. All employees of Rapid Response BioDecon are certified to clean up blood borne pathogens.” That makes companies like RRBD quite important.

Unfortunately, most people don't know these programs exist - or where to turn. The scene has to be cleaned right, the site fully turned back to the way it was prior to any death - and a janitorial service just isn't going to fit the bill. The peace of mind and security in knowing all of the process will be done correctly, all restored fully, and all - if any- trash will be handled and disposed of in the required manner, are priceless. Needless to say, that's especially true in any busy urban area that's home to as many people as Tampa Bay, Sarasota and the rest of Central Florida. "By relying on our professional trauma clean-up and decontamination services," Abney went on to say: "families and business owners across the Central Florida area can avoid re-traumatizing friends, customers or tenants and protect them from the health risks posed by the aftermath of a trauma scene.”

About Rapid Response BioDecon

The company was founded by a former Risk Manager with extensive insurance and trauma claims background as well as all OSHA-required licensing, so the clean-up and decontamination technicians of Rapid Response BioDecon understand the need for competent and considerate service in the worst possible circumstances. Visit them at: http://www.RapidResponseBioDecon.com.

If you have questions, need CTS clean-up guidance or advice, or require the trauma cleanup services they offer, please give the Rapid Response BioDecon team a call at: 1-866-98DECON or 1-866-983-3266 or send them an e-mail today at info@rapidresponsebiodecon.com. They're ready to lend a hand.


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