Rapid Response BioDecon Announces Southeastern Operations for Meth Lab Clean-Up, Trashed Foreclosed Homes and Bio-Hazard Remediation

Rapid Response BioDecon gives the Southeast a choice in Clandestine Drug Lab Clean-Up Services. Specialists in Meth Lab Clean-Up, Crime & Trauma Scene Clean-Up, Trashed Dwelling Clean-Ups and all issues of a biological or hazardous nature are ready to assist families, businesses and municipalities in need.

St. Petersburg, FL, November 06, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Rapid Response BioDecon provides Meth-lab cleanup, decontamination and detoxification of Methamphetamine labs including Meth-lab testing and site assessment. Areas served include Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi including the major cities of Tampa Bay, Orlando, Jacksonville, Atlanta, Montgomery and Charleston.

“Indicators of a possible meth lab include an ammonia smell, blacked out windows, constantly running exhaust fans on a house or outbuilding, excessive trash that frequently has numerous empty bottles and containers, coffee filters with red stains, and lithium batteries that have been broken open,” stated Patricia Abney, President of Rapid Response BioDecon. “Another obvious indicator is a home with frequent visitors at all times of the day or night.”

Chemicals and equipment used to “cook” meth in illegal makeshift labs create an immediate danger of explosion and fire. The process also leaves behind waste that contaminates the site – often a house, apartment or other dwelling – and poses a threat both to the environment and the health of future occupants. The highly toxic by-products are sometimes dumped in unsafe places. Since the late 1990s, the number of burn victims in the United States whose injuries were sustained from meth labs has skyrocketed, accounting for over 30% of cases in some parts of the nation. If you find what you suspect is a meth lab, do not move, touch or smell any container or its contents. Contact law enforcement immediately.

Rapid Response BioDecon Meth Lab Cleanup Services Include:

* Physical on-site inspection

* Law enforcement records research identifying the removal of gross contaminates

* Physical review of the property and development of sampling strategy

* Quality controlled sample collection

* Sample analysis by certified laboratory

* Decontamination plan implementation

* Complete process documentation

* Clean up site such that any residual contaminant levels are below established threshold clean up levels or risk-based clean up levels

* Decontamination program is structured to meet specific regulatory agency requirements

* Post decontamination verification sampling

* Final work report

If you're a landlord or a realtor in the Central Florida area and you've just been informed that a covert meth lab has been discovered on one of your properties, the clean-up and decontamination technicians at Rapid Response BioDecon can help you reclaim what's yours.


Rapid Response BioDecon offers biohazardous waste cleanup and biohazardous waste disposal for crime scene cleanup and biohazard meth lab cleaning services in; Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, & Mississippi.

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