Adults Need to Prepare Kids for the Real World -- or Plan on Having Them Live at Home for a Long, Long Time

Two former HR marketing executives have published valuable career exploration materials that help adults mentor kids about the importance of staying in school to develop marketable skills.

Del Mar, CA, November 03, 2008 --( Two former human resources marketing executives have published career exploration and employment preparation materials that are garnering great attention from adults concerned about alarming school drop-out and unemployment rates. The CareerWise Grow Up. Get a Job™. materials ( make it easy for adults to engage kids in valuable discussions about their futures and the need to plan educational and/or training paths that lead to marketable skills development.

“Kids today hear news reports about high unemployment figures, companies downsizing and the tough competition job-seekers face. Too often they view ‘work’ as a four-letter world,” said CareerWise Co-Founder, Melissa Kerlin. “Something has to change. Kids need to know how rewarding and enjoyable work can be when you are doing what you love and know.

“But how can they discover what that is? Or how to connect-the-dots between their schoolwork and getting the job of their dreams one day? Most adults can only share a very narrow view of the work world and never benefited from a career mentor themselves.”

Kerlin’s partner, Susan Schneider, added, “It’s never too early for kids to start thinking about their career goals and the skills they will need to attain them. That’s why our materials are flexible enough to engage kids from eight to eighteen. Too many parents have paid for costly college educations only to have their kids move back home saying “I don’t know why I got that degree. I don’t really like that field.”

Kerlin and Schneider developed these products by applying their extensive behind-the-scenes experience working in the corporate human resources marketing industry. For over twenty years, they were both creative development executives who helped companies -- ranging from The Walt Disney Company to Nestle USA to Kaiser Permanente -- recruit and retain employees in a variety of industries. It provided them with exposure to jobs that most people have never even heard about. And to basic information about finding, getting and keeping a job that most kids never learn.

CareerWise materials are proving to be very timely because the articles and initiatives are everywhere. People from all walks of public and private life are calling for adults to step up and teach kids the basic, relevant life skills they will need to become valued members of the workforce. Teachers can’t do it alone. The drop-out rate is at a crisis point and kids don’t see the relevance of their schoolwork.

In speeches he gives across the country, U.S. Secretary of Commerce, Carlos Gutierrez, underscores the need for marketable skills training. In one speech, entitled, ‘Getting the Skills to Compete,’ Gutierrez said:

“If there is one piece of advice you can give people today, it is to increase your skills. The bottom line is that when you have more skills, you’re making more money…It could be a vocational skill. It could be an electrician’s skill. It could be the skill to fix air conditioners. Something. But you need skills.”

CareerWise products are posted as valuable resources by the American School Counselors Association, America’s Promise Ready for the Real World program, School Pathways, LLC, the California Association of Resource Specialists, and the New Jersey State Board of Education. The Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation purchased 3000 of the 1001 Job Titles posters for their 2008 program. Kerlin and Schneider published the products in the Spring of this year.

CareerWise materials get kids talking with adults about their futures, dreams and concerns so they can be guided down the appropriate education path before it’s too late.

They help everyone plan for the day when kids can leave their parent’s nest with the confidence and skills to go out and feather their own.

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CareerWise™ products are published by Tailwag Studio, Inc., a privately held corporation founded by two former human resources executives who wisely followed their own career dreams. More information is available upon request.

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