Troy Mcclain Says "You’re Hired" to Seybold Scientific

Google™ certified Seybold Scientific will provide online marketing services to help Boise’s “Apprentice” gain new market share.

Boise, ID, November 01, 2008 --( Troy McClain, the former apprentice to Donald Trump on NBC's hugely successful television show “The Apprentice” announced his selection of Boise, Idaho-based Seybold Scientific to spearhead the development of his company’s Web 2.0 brand. Troy McClain, president of The McClain Company, seeks to expand his professional speaking series to include a whole new audience through the use of online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and create a truly unique engagement between the real and virtual world.

“I brought George Seybold on board because he is an industry leader and well-respected voice in the 2.0 world,” said Troy McClain. "Seybold Scientific’s unique process and proven results will give our company the expertise we need to develop and acquire new clients worldwide.”

In part, Seybold Scientific will be setting a social media and search engine optimization strategy that will update the Troy McClain website ( and enable his “Keynote Speaker 2.0” brand to enter new and dynamic platforms.

“We're very excited about beginning this relationship with Troy and The McClain Company,” said George Seybold, president of Seybold Scientific. “Troy’s ability to truly connect with people in a personal way allows him to engage and inspire audiences around entrepreneurship and achieve remarkable business results. I look forward to enhancing his Web 2.0 profile and delivering new opportunities while demonstrating our commitment to world-class customer service.”

Web 2.0 is the term given to describe a second generation of the World Wide Web that is focused on the ability for people to collaborate and share information online. Web 2.0 basically refers to the transition from static HTML Web pages to a more dynamic Web that is more organized and is based on serving Web applications to users.

“Web 2.0 is not a thing. It is a state of mind,” said George Seybold. “People are joining and building online communities. They are engaging, sharing and building relationships which ultimately can help grow business. Sharing your knowledge and passion with others becomes infectious and people want to be a part of that.”

Web 2.0 concepts have led to the development and evolution of web-based communities such as blogs, wikis, and social networking sites like Facebook. Although the term suggests a new version of the Web, it just refers to changes in the way people are using the Internet.

“Technology is only great if you know how to use it, and Web 2.0 enables new ways for people to work and collaborate,” Troy McClain said. “However, lack of knowledge and understanding is preventing many companies from fully embracing these technologies or worse, leaving them open to fall behind their competitors. By utilizing Seybold Scientific’s talent, I feel my business experience will play a significant role in helping to expand my organization’s footprint as we broaden the markets in which we participate.”

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About Troy McClain
A self-made man and successful entrepreneur, Troy McClain entered the public eye as a cast member on the 2004 debut season of “The Apprentice” in which he battled to win the coveted title of first-ever apprentice to Donald Trump. He is founder and president of the Boise, Idaho based The McClain Company, a diverse and unique corporation providing coaching, personal branding, and speaker services. He also is the on the Board of Directors of the Special Olympics and is the official spokesperson for the 2009 Special Olympics World Winter Games.

About Seybold Scientific
Headquartered in Boise, Idaho, Seybold Scientific is a Google certified online marketing company offering a range of services from search engine optimization, paid search marketing, and social media strategy. Seybold Scientific is a rapidly growing company enabling organizations to get found online through the innovative use of technology.

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