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R&R Grosbard and New Age Diamonds Present the Fire Flower Jewelry Collection

The collection was designed by R&R Grosbard with colored diamonds cultivated by New Age Diamonds.

New York, NY, May 31, 2006 --( R&R Grosbard together with New Age Diamonds launches a new jewellery collection - FIRE FLOWER. The collection was designed by R&R Grosbard using cultivated diamonds supplied by New Age Diamonds.

The collection will make its debut at the JCK in Las Vegas on June 3rd this year and will feature a number of matching ensembles. The diamonds from New Age Diamonds are presented in fancy yellow and orange colors in princess and round cuts. Colorless natural diamonds also appear in the collection that is completed in white and yellow gold settings.

Sergei Shulepov, the president of New Age Diamonds, said: "New Age Diamonds stones are touched with the fire of human creative energy. This fire was like a seed that gave a new life to something wonderful and astonishing - Fire Flower. Fire Flower is a new jewelry collection in which every diamond is like a newborn flower that reveals all its fascinating charm to the world. I am very positive about this collection and have no doubts in its success".

Cultivated diamonds: The diamonds have been grown in the laboratory using the HPHT method (High Pressure High Temperature). HPHT method replicates the conditions found deep in the Earth creating the diamonds with the optical, chemical and physical properties of Earth grown diamonds.

R & R Grosbard, Inc: is a long established U. S. loose diamond and diamond jewelry wholesaler with an excellent reputation within the industry. Grosbard will be working with New Age Diamonds to bring gem quality synthetic diamonds to market where natural colored stones would be cost prohibitive. Grosbard targets emerging market segments for conflict free and novelty gems.

New Age Diamonds: the world's largest manufacturers of Cultivated Diamonds consolidated under the patronage of a Former Soviet Space Laboratory that specialised in growing high quality diamonds for the optical and electromechanical fields. The company produces cultivated colored diamonds with the optical, chemical and physical properties of Earth grown diamonds. New Age Diamonds stones are produced in three main colors: yellow, deep red and light green. The yellow stones may vary from light yellow to intense orange color.

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