Why Choose to Live at HarborPlace?

Several residents of HarborPlace Retirement Resort and Assisted Living Community speak out about living at HarborPlace.

Port St Lucie, FL, November 04, 2008 --(PR.com)-- HarborPlace at Port St Lucie recently celebrated its 7th anniversary by asking some residents of the Retirement Resort and Assisted Living Community Why they choose to live here, with all the other choices available to them. They were definite in their various reasons:

“Originally from Boston, we were restaurant owners for many years. We were living in Stuart, Florida, when we saw HarborPlace being built in Port St Lucie. After it opened, we came to check it out and knew it was the place for us! We enjoy everything about living here, especially the people we’ve met during HarborPlace’s many activities.”

Ralph and Janet Greaves

“We’d lived in Stuart, Florida, for 33 years when we decided it was time to leave our home and move to a retirement community. When we came to visit HarborPlace, the marketing director, Beth Kelley, was very bubbly and we thought this would be a pretty nice place to live! We enjoy the lovely atmosphere, especially associating with the wonderful residents and management. We particularly enjoy the food!”

Billy and Rusty Grabowski

“I owned a condo in the area for 38 years, but after many of my friends had passed away, I started feeling a bit down. My son and daughter, who live near HarborPlace, did some research on the Internet and recommended that I move here. I’m so glad they did! There are so many activities – we go out to see shows; we go on picnics and visit local parks; and everything is taken care of here. I especially appreciate the free transportation to my doctors’ offices and to shopping, as well as the wonderful dining staff and food. I even became a HarborPlace volunteer so I can help others whenever I get the chance. I would recommend Harbor Place to anyone who wants a nice place for their mother and/or father to live.”

Dorothy Misiano

“I first found out about HarborPlace when my friend was in Life Care of Port St Lucie – the rehab center in the front building of the campus. When Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne hit our area in 2004, my condo was declared uninhabitable, and that was the deciding factor leading me to move to HarborPlace. I lived in the Independent Living part of the building for two years before moving over here to the Assisted Living side, where I am very content. There are many things I like about living at HarborPlace – the activities keep me happy and the associates are so kind and understanding. And not just the people in charge – everyone, from the person who makes my bed to the waitresses – the entire staff here is just wonderful.”

Dorothy Shaw

“I’ve lived at HarborPlace for almost a year while my wife Edna is just across the parking lot at Life Care of Port St Lucie. We lived in other retirement communities in the area before we found our home here. You can really tell the difference between HarborPlace and the other communities. We love the campus approach to retirement living, where Edna can get the nursing care she needs and I can visit her every day. Both HarborPlace and Life Care have better food and more resources for their residents than other places in town. They go all out for their people.”

Albert “Kappy” Kappler

(Sadly, shortly after Kappy provided this statement, his beloved wife Edna passed away. Now that he's alone, he's even more convinced that HarborPlace is the right place for him to live.)

HarborPlace at Port St Lucie
Nance Cox