Small-Business Owners Have a Powerful New Resource: Steve Smith is Now a OneCoach Franchise Owner for Orange County

Steve Smith recently joined OneCoach to bring business growth services to small businesses in the Saddleback Valley/Irvine area, helping small business owners grow faster, make more money and live extraordinary lives.

Lake Forest, CA, November 04, 2008 --( Steve Smith knows the power that effective sales and marketing can bring to any business and he’s determined to see that small business owners get every opportunity to grow their businesses, even in this current economic climate.

Smith has lived and worked in the Orange County area for more than 15 years. As a sales and marketing professional with several nationally recognized consumer product companies, he established himself as an expert in brand marketing, networking and sales team development which earned him several awards and promotions to more strategic levels of responsibility. On the road constantly and dealing with increasingly unfulfilling work, he began looking for ways to use his talents to help businesses who did not have the resources that his prior companies all too often took for granted.

After leaving his last corporate assignment, Smith decided to investigate what small business owners were most challenged with and what kind of resources were available to help them. He immediately discovered that ‘growth’ was the number one challenge for most small businesses. Without the knowledge and support to grow revenues and profits most owners simply gave up, becoming too frustrated and disillusioned about their chances to ever make their dreams a lasting reality. This desire to help these businesses grow their bottom lines like the ‘Big Guys’ is what led Smith to OneCoach.

"OneCoach not only changed how I use my business background, but who I was going to help," said Smith. "I felt that all small businesses should have access to the business-growth strategies that OneCoach offers, so I made it a reality and opened a OneCoach office in Lake Forest."

Smith serves small-business owners and entrepreneurs out of the Saddleback Valley franchise. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in sales, marketing and management, along with practical strategies to enable all OneCoach members to achieve their financial goals faster, so they can live extraordinary lives.

OneCoach is the leader in small-business growth services, providing small-business owners with the tools and strategies necessary to grow their businesses faster. Smith combines his own innovative and practical ideas with the coaching, networking and best practices that OneCoach provides.

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