Ukraine Banks Extending Credit to Corporate, RNCOS Predicts High Growth

Bank loans in Ukraine are expected to see strong growth of around 66% in the next four years primarily due to rising demand from corporate sector and growing medium-term domestic deposits.

Delhi, India, November 05, 2008 --( RNCOS new research report, “Booming Ukraine Banking Sector”, says that bank loans in the Ukraine banking industry are projected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 66% in terms of national currency during 2008-2012. Both short and log-term lending will witness robust growth during the forecasted period.

High growth prospects of lending in the country are attributed to strong growth in consumer credit (rising from low base), including mortgages and car loans, and better lending possibilities in the corporate sector due to improving finances of enterprises.

As per the report, corporate loans make up for more than two-third of the overall bank loans whereas corporate deposits represent nearly half of the share in the Ukraine banking industry. Both the segments are expected to drive the industry in future, with rising demand for corporate banking services stemming from huge investment across all the industries in the country.

The demand for corporate loans surged tremendously at a CAGR of around 54.35% from 2004 to 2007, and is expected to sustain the same growth rate during the forecasted period. In addition, economic entities are boosting the demand for loans to expand their business activities.

Apart from this, lending by the commercial banks in Ukraine will get support of strong growth in medium-term domestic deposits and growing borrowing abroad by the banks. However, despite several years of robust expansion, the lending in the country is still lower than more developed transition economies in Central Europe.

RNCOS new market research report, “Booming Ukraine Banking Sector”, is a comprehensive and analytical study of the thriving banking industry of the Southeastern European country. It thoroughly analyzes the basket of products and services offered by the industry. It also helps clients to understand the leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of the banking industry as well as helps investors, financial service providers and global banking players to navigate through the market.

The report also provides forecast on personal disposable income, banking industry assets, deposits with banking industry, banking industry loans, internet penetration, and the number of ATMs & payment terminals.

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