StraighterLine’s $99 Model Offers Affordable Alternative to Rising College Costs

Washington, DC, November 05, 2008 --( StraighterLine (, a new online education solution that provides students a high quality, better supported, and lower cost way to obtain college credits through regionally accredited colleges and universities, has announced that it is a much more affordable alternative for students to enroll in its curriculum, in light of new figures by the College Board released Oct. 29. The College Board figures show that the average cost for colleges and universities in the United States outpace inflation. Compared to those figures, StraighterLine will cost students less than 10 percent against what they will pay in rising college prices elsewhere.

The College Board said average tuition and fees for a four-year, private liberal arts college in the U.S. rose 5.9 percent this year to $25,143. The increase was about 0.3 percent more than the increase in the Consumer Price Index, a standard gauge of inflation. At the average four-year state university in the U.S., average tuition rose 6.4 percent to $6,585 for in-state students, an increase 0.7 percent higher than the increase in inflation. For out-of-state students attending state universities, the average increase was even more – 5.2 percent to $17,452.

In contrast to these high figures, StraighterLine offers two ways – enroll in each of its introductory courses for $399 for a six-month period of online access, or take part a monthly subscription style process. The latter, known as the “StraighterLine for $99” program, allows students to access all StraighterLine courses for only $99 per month, with no start-up costs and no minimum or maximum time limit for course completion. Students can select any one StraighterLine course at a time. Upon completing a course, students may begin a new course with no additional costs.

Students who complete a StraighterLine course can choose to receive credit from one of StraighterLine’s six regionally accredited partner colleges. Student-earned credits may also be transferable to non-partner colleges that recognize StraighterLine’s partner’s courses as equivalent programs. The combined costs of either approach will save students thousands of dollars as compared the current estimates the College Board provided for both public and private colleges and universities.

StraighterLine is a division of SMARTHINKING ( The company was recently listed in BusinessWeek Magazine as a “disruptive education technology” and has received media coverage from The Chronicle for Higher Education, eSchoolNews and the Washington Business Journal, among others. Additional information on the StraighterLine program can be found at

“One of our main goals in creating StraighterLine was to offer men and women a thrifty way to earn their college degree,” said StraighterLine CEO Burck Smith. “With these new figures from the College Board, coupled with the continuing economic crisis our country faces, prospective students should seriously consider why spend tens of thousands of dollars for entry-level course when they can take them and earn the same credit for just a few hundred dollars – and have more flexibility about when and where they study them as well. We believe StraighterLine is the best option for students who do not wish to be in debt for years after they successfully complete their studies, nor want to sacrifice their current standard of living in order to pay inflated prices for their education.”

About StraighterLine:
StraighterLine provides students with a new online option for obtaining required college credits from accredited colleges and universities. StraighterLine’s affordable courses are the first to include up to 24/7 live, on-demand instruction. StraighterLine offers six entry-level college courses, including College Algebra, English Composition I, Accounting I, Accounting II, Economics I: Macroeconomics and Economics II: Microeconomics, and two developmental courses, with many more planned. StraighterLine students may choose to receive credit from StraighterLine’s regionally accredited partner colleges. Student-earned credits may also be transferable to non-partner colleges that recognize StraighterLine’s partner’s courses as equivalent programs. There are no set due dates for StraighterLine courses. Students may start and stop at any point with up to six months of access. StraighterLine offers two remarkable pricing programs; individual courses cost only $399, include 10 hours of one-on-one instructional support, and allow up to six months of access; and the StraighterLine for $99 program: a $99 per month subscription with no additional start-up costs which includes unlimited access to any and all courses one at a time, plus 10 total hours of one-on-one instructional support, with no minimum or maximum time limit for course completion. For more information, visit or call 202-507-7020 or 1-877-str8erline (1-877-787-8375).

SMARTHINKING, based in Washington, D.C., is an award-winning, market leader in providing online tutoring and academic support to students. Schools, colleges, universities, libraries, government agencies, textbook publishers and other education providers partner with SMARTHINKING to increase student achievement and enhance learning. SMARTHINKING connects students to e-structor® certified tutors for assistance I math, writing, science and business at anytime, from any Internet connection. SMARTHINKING currently works with over 500 school clients and businesses, including the U.S. Army, Capella University, University of Texas Telecampus, and Houghton Mifflin. Our unique standing in the e-learning market has allowed us to attract an outstanding management team and staff of over 700 professionals and educators. For more information, visit

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