restorAGE®, Now Offers Its Medically-Developed Anti-Aging Solution Nationwide

restorAGE is a targeted nutritional supplement with five great products in one great medically developed formula: muscle support, sexual performance, skin care, antioxidant & stress support blend and memory and cognitive function support.

New York, NY, November 05, 2008 --( As seen on CNN, ABC, and FOX, President of Stuart Consumer Product Labs, Jan Stuart, utilizes his expertise regularly in the ever so relevant area of anti-aging. Searching for the secret of maintaining one’s youth dates back, most notably, to the 1500’s with the Legend of the Fountain of Youth. The search is obviously still alive and well with the prominence of Botox treatments and plastic surgery. Today, more than ever, people are talking about their additional grays, lost hair and new wrinkles, especially those caused by the current economic crisis, and when erectile dysfunction advertisements litter the TV screen so often that they make men in their twenties feel like even they need an ED solution, the anti-aging quest continues. However, finding a single source to truly combat the effects of aging is actually no longer a legend, it became reality once restorAGE® was formulated, in conjunction with Stuart, almost a decade ago, by Joseph G. Olivieri, MD, Growth Hormone and Anti-Aging Specialist, for targeted nutrition.

With the Baby Boomers coming of age, older age that is, and the growing demand for natural solutions to the common symptoms of aging, the marketplace was obviously in need for a simple, yet effective, intelligent response to anti-aging. Considering these facts, Stuart decided on the importance of releasing this one of a kind breakthrough product, restorAGE®, for distribution outside of Practitioner Offices.

“Being a Boomer myself, I felt it was a necessity for others to have easy access to a product that actually does what it claims,” said Stuart, “restorAGE® is for the individual who doesn’t mind getting older, but just doesn’t want to feel old! It will help you become rejuvenated, with more energy during the day, stress management support, and better sleep at night.”

restorAGE® was scientifically formulated to target the majority of the body’s systems that slow down as one ages: Circulatory system, Nervous system, Immune system, Lymphatic system, Dermal system, Endocrine system, and Muscular System thus providing: Weight Management Support * Joint Support * Cardiovascular Support * Increased Energy and Endurance * Muscle Support * Workout Recovery Support * Exercise Endurance Support * Help with Free Radical Neutralization * Sexual Performance and Endurance Support * Stress Management Support * Support Immune Function * Prostate and Breast Tissue Health Support * Memory and Cognitive Function Support * Collagen and Elastin Support * Skin Texture and Appearance Support * Improved Sleep Support * Promote Healthy Teeth and Gums.

restorAGE®, the Gold Standard complete targeted nutrition formula, especially for boomers, is now available in Vitamin Shoppe, Whole Foods, GNC, and Independent Health Food Stores nationwide. This revolutionary natural orange flavored product is conveniently packaged in individual packets, to be poured in water, so there is no pills to swallow. restorAGE®, contains no drugs, hormones, or steroids and is sold without a prescription. 100% Vegetarian Ingredients restorAGE® is sweetened with Stevia Leaf extract and contains No Artificial Sweeteners, No Dairy, Soy, Wheat, Gluten, or Artificial Colors.

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Jan Stuart