NRAN | National Retail Advisors Network Opens Membership in Virginia Beach, Virginia

National Retail Advisors Network is a National Alliance of Professionals in the retail real estate industry. The network includes retail real estate law firms, brokers, developers, contractors, architects, engineers, appraisers, and financiers.

Pittsburgh, PA, November 06, 2008 --( National Retail Advisors has recently opened membership in Virginia, Beach. Virginia Beach thrives on tourism. It brings in more than $700 million dollars annually. National Retailers Advisors™ are taking advantage of the income brought in by the tourists, to open membership for retail real estate professionals in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area. By acquiring the membership, it provides benefits in all aspects of the retail real estate industry.

National Retail Advisors Networks™ goal is to unite smaller companies from around the US, to help give them an edge against the larger national firms. The names National Retail Advisors ™, NRAN™, National Retail Lawyers™, National Retail Contractors™, National Retail Brokers™, National Retail Developers™, National Retail Finance™, and National Retail Management™ will be licensed to each member company with a choice to use the name or to add it to the current company name. By doing this, NRAN ™ hopes to assist their members in gaining national recognition, which in turn will help drive their client lists to numbers never seen before.

Along with the national recognition, members will also be involved in a national referral network. This will give members the ability to send clients from one territory to the members in other territories and pass referral fees to each other. Keep in mind, NRAN ™ operates solely on annual membership dues and Does Not request portions of any of the commissions or fees earned by its member companies.

The National Retail Advisors Network™ corporate office is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Information can also be found on the web at or

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