Aquatic Habitats Announces Release of Mass Embryo Production System

Apopka, FL, November 06, 2008 --( Aquatic Habitats (AHAB), a world leader in aquatic housing solutions for the biomedical research community, announced today the launch of their newest technology, the Mass Embryo Production System (MEPS).

The repeated production of large numbers of embryos is essential to the success of any research project involving zebrafish. Unfortunately, this is a painstaking and costly process for most laboratories, requiring substantial, daily investments of labor and resources.

Until now.

Continuing its leadership role as an innovator in aquatic husbandry, AHAB has developed the MEPS to dramatically improve the embryo production process.

Each MEPS has the ability to produce several thousand embryos daily. The automatic embryo collection feature eliminates the need to handle adult zebrafish, reducing stress on the animals and saving time in the process. An optional light cycle dome and controller allow the user to program a specific photoperiod and collect zebrafish embryos at intervals offset from the main system's photoperiod. The innovative spawning funnel provides multiple spawning sites and can be adjusted to various depths, allowing the user to capitalize on the zebrafish's natural tendency to spawn in shallow water. The smaller miniMEPS is also available for labs with space constraints or reduced embryo production requirements.

The MEPS can be provided as a stand-alone system, with its own life support package, or attached to an existing rack system. This flexibility allows you to take advantage of the MEPS without having to make major changes to your existing system.

Steve Aldrich, head of Business Development for AHAB, said, "Aquatic Habitats is really pleased to offer another innovative product for our customers. The MEPS provides a number of unique features and benefits that ultimately lead to improved productivity and husbandry, reducing costs in the process. We continue our dedication to expanding and improving our product and service offerings in support of best husbandry practices, and we look forward to introducing additional products soon."

Aquatic Habitats™ (AHAB) is a division of Aquatic Eco-Systems, Inc. Founded in 1997 to meet the unique needs of the aquatic research community, AHAB specializes in the design and fulfillment of systems for the live holding of aquatic organisms, including zebrafish, Xenopus, axolotls, medaka, stickleback, eel, shrimp and more. AHAB systems are designed by a dedicated team of biologists and engineers with extensive experience in aquacultural engineering and animal husbandry. AHAB's continued innovation is fueled by the needs of researchers around the world. For more information about AHAB, visit or call 877-900-2422.

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Bruce Vizueta