Internet Braces for Intelligent Phase Marketing

Internet Leveraging & Marketing (ILM) is launching its proprietary system of Intelligent Phase Marketing on November 12, 2008. This new online income system was designed by a team of more than 20 top online marketers and offers solutions to common problems faced by home based businesses.

Los Angeles, CA, November 06, 2008 --( Internet Marketing Gurus around the world are anxiously awaiting the launch of Internet Leveraging and Marketing (ILM) and their proprietary system of Intelligent Phase Marketing. Intelligent Phase Marketing is a unique system that is able to keep pace with the changing trends of the Internet.

Intelligent Phase Marketing intends to give its users a distinct advantage over all other online income opportunities by offering multiple opportunities from a single location. With cutting edge strategies, programs in both English and Spanish and step-by-step training, Intelligent Phase Marketing allows its users to keep up with all the latest trends of the web and market to these trends from a core website and domain. This ultimately leads to more traffic, more customers, and more income.

ILM and Intelligent Phase Marketing were created by Mark Lee and a team of more than 20 experienced marketers. The goal of this dynamic team was to solve common online home business problems such as attrition and limited markets.

"Our program is designed with our members in mind," said Mark Lee, owner and co-founder. "If our marketing strategies don't help them generate more business, then we can't consider ourselves successful." For additional information on "Internet Braces for Intelligent Phase Marketing,” contact Mark Lee or visit

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