100,000 Unknown Callers Identified at 800notes.com

Holly Springs, NC, November 07, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Wouldn't you want to know who called you without dialing the number back? 800notes.com (http://800notes.com), the largest online database of unpublished business numbers, is dedicated to doing just that. The web community collects unlisted phone numbers used by businesses, and today the website users have something to celebrate – they have identified 100,000 Unknown callers.

The majority of the phone numbers used by banks, credit unions, insurance companies, non-profit organizations, telemarketers, or collection agencies are not published. So instead of wondering who is calling and deciding whether you should keep ignoring or return the calls you can go to 800Notes.com, enter the phone number into the search field and read what others have to say about the caller.

If it's a telemarketer, users often share ways to opt out. If it's a collection agency, you can find their name and contact information provided by the community. If the caller says you've won a free trip to Las Vegas, a quick search will prove that's likely not the case since a couple hundred people have reported the same.

800Notes.com was started almost two years ago, and from its launch the users have been contributing on average 200 unknown phone numbers a day.

Julia Forte