Taylor Brothers Farms’ New Website Showcases the Benefits of Dried Plums for Consumers, Food Designers, and Food Processors

Dried plums are a food safety factor and they positively impact human health.

Yuba City, CA, November 08, 2008 --(PR.com)-- Taylor Brothers Farms, a California producer and global distributor of fine quality organic and conventional dried plums, announced it had revamped its website to promote the scientifically proven properties of dried plums, or prunes, as a “superfood” and “multifunctional ingredient” offering numerous benefits for consumers, food designers, and food processors alike. Major features of dried plums include multiple health advantages and enhanced food safety in meat preparations. The content-rich taylorbrothersfarms.com website targets health-conscious consumers, the food industry, and international distributors.

“We wanted to update and refresh our image across the board,” said John Taylor. “More importantly, we wanted our website to be scientifically up-to-date. In the process, the Taylor Brothers Farms website has grown to over 70 pages, most of which are dedicated to the features and advantages of dried plums. We believe taylorbrothersfarms.com could actually become a reference in this area.”

“In a nutshell, prunes offer enough health benefits to have a positive impact on human longevity,” said Richard Taylor. “They are also an up-and coming key ingredient for food designers and food processors, particularly in the area of food safety. This fruit clearly goes way beyond old age homes and intestinal regularity–we’re not denying the long-proven digestive qualities of prunes, but we now know they have much, much more to offer, and we aim to raise awareness about that.”

The new website, which stands out through a user-friendly design and efficient information architecture, was created by Monkey&Snake, who are presently renewing the packaging of the whole range of Taylor Brothers Farms products. Monkey&Snake is an international distributed agency with offices in California, Canada, and China.

Important Health and Beauty Information for Consumers
Consumers are increasingly aware of the benefits of eating the right kind of food, and dried plums certainly fall into that category: Naturally sweet and fat free, dried plums are antioxidant-rich and full of fibre and vital vitamins A, B, C and E. Among other things, prunes stimulate the brain, help enhance cardiovascular health and fight osteoporosis. Evidence also indicates that they help fight cancer. On the beauty side, prunes can be used externally to help balance both dry and oily complexions, and their anti-oxidant and Vitamin A content also promote a healthy skin. Small wonder some health professionals see dried plums as “the ultimate superfruit.”

Important Strategic Information for Food Processors
Prunes are an amazingly versatile, multi-functional food processing ingredient. Dried plums offer food processors numerous features, including: cost control; moisture control; extended shelf life; compatibility with meat flavours, and; yield improvement. The whole processing sector is increasingly concerned with food safety issues, and the high antioxidant content of dried plums means safer meat products and a proven alternative to conventional anti-oxidation agents BHA and BHT, making for a more appealing label.

Important Creative Information for Food Designers
Food designers are constantly on the lookout for new ways of creating and improving products, and dried plums offer an extremely rich and varied range of possibilities. Dried plums produce excellent results in baked goods, meat and poultry products, energy and breakfast bars, sauces, marinades, rubs, confections, etc. Major features include moisture retention, extended and improved shelf life, purge reduction properties, fat reduction, and flavor enhancer, all of which translate into cost reductions.

About Monkey&Snake
Monkey&Snake is a distributed agency that carries out high-level assignments for individuals, companies, and corporations located in the US, Canada, Europe, and Japan. At Monkey&Snake, East meets West through the two main partners, Ariel Borremans and Dean Tokuno–respectively “Monkey” and “Snake”. The agency has offices in California, Canada, and China.

About Taylor Brothers Farms
A third-generation producer and global distributor of prime quality California organic and conventional dried plums and sub-products, Taylor Brothers Farms has built long-term business relationships in the USA, as well as in European and Asian countries–particularly Poland, Japan, and Korea–through wholesale and bulk exportation. Taylor Brothers Farms, also a major supplier of baby food producers in Europe and North America, has comprehensive processing facilities in the US, as well as a cutting-edge plant in Grudziadz, Poland.

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