The 2008 US Presidential Election Crosses Over Into Video Games with Super Obama World

Barack Obama has been derided by his critics for being a "rock star" and the "biggest celebrity in the world." Now President-Elect Obama can add “video game hero” to his list of titles. See him in action in the new game, Super Obama World.

Madison, WI, November 09, 2008 --( Barack Obama has been derided by his critics for being a "rock star" and the "biggest celebrity in the world." He’s even been compared to Jesus Christ. Now President-Elect Obama can add “video game hero” to his list of titles.

In the newly released game, Super Obama World, the developers at ZenSoft have replicated Barack Obama as a 16x32 pixel protagonist that you can control you’re your PC keyboard arrows and spacebar. As the title suggests, Super Obama World is modeled after the popular Nintendo game Super Mario World that was released to fans in 1990 and has since gone on to sell over 20 million copies worldwide. Although technology has advanced somewhat in the last two decades, Super Obama World retains the jagged pixilated characters, chirping circus-style theme music, and hoards of whimsical antagonists out to get Obama.

But Super Obama World takes things a few steps further. The game is full of biting satire. In the first few levels released by the game’s creators, Obama finds himself wandering through Alaska in pursuit of a rogue Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. During his journey, Obama must avoid pigs and pit bulls with lipstick, lobbyists, clothing salespeople, Russians, and even Governor Palin herself (on a “snow machine” no less). The background is littered with clever references and cartoon pictures of icons such as Macy’s and Neiman Marcus department stores (where Palin is reported to have spent $150,000 on clothing), St Basil’s Cathedral (the icon of Moscow -- remember Palin’s statement, “you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska”), and of course, an actual Bridge to Nowhere.

Super Obama World creators Robert Sundling and William Jacobson have indicated that additional levels will be added regularly. They foresee adding on to the game throughout the Obama presidency, offering new levels regularly to immortalize whatever inevitable political headlines that may emerge. They already have levels in the works to capitalize on campaign politics and recent events in Arizona (home of Senator McCain), Illinois (Obama’s old stomping grounds), New York (Wall Street, of course), and Washington, DC (welcome to the White House). If they keep their promise, fans can expect plenty of iconic “bump and jump” action to come.

Political satire is enjoying historic levels of popularity. The Daily Show with John Stewart, The Colbert Report, and skits on Saturday Night Live are drawing dedicated legions of fans. But if you are growing weary of simply watching the jokes on TV, take a trip over to and try your hand at playing them on your computer.

Super Obama World is playable from your Internet browser free of charge. T-shirts and accessories featuring the game characters are also available for purchase through the game’s online store.

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