Is It Possible to Eradicate Poverty in Rwanda?

Aleem A. Desai develops an economic plan for the Honorable Paul Kagame.

Los Angeles, CA, November 10, 2008 --( Renown entrepreneur and spiritualist Aleem A. Desai has proposed a nine point economic plan to Paul Kagame, Rwandan president, in efforts to eradicate poverty, promote prosperity and shift the country out of mass recession and social decline.

“Once we are economically developed, there will be no more poverty” said Desai in his suggestion to Kagame. In his implausible nine point arrangement, Desai has outlined strategies and multiple techniques that are requested of Kagame to consider in efforts to move his mother country away from its’ deficiencies. Inventive methods that Desai has recommended include loans from the Rwandan Federal Reserve, increased agricultural efforts with Rwanda’s arable land, as well as implementing foreign trade for the country’s natural resources such as gold, cassiterite (tin) and methane amongst others.

Desai adds that “Governments seeking to provide effective transitional justice and reconciliation should (therefore) facilitate private-sector efforts by actively working to improve the institutional environment for doing business” and has made various recommendations concerning the structure of the Rwandan government and economic policies that may be implemented to add to the betterment of the country’s financial state.

Aleem A. Desai has applied enormous endeavors to not only towards Rwanda, but other third world nations facing widespread paucity and depression. His innovative, scholarly initiatives have seemed questionable to a few, but many are furnishing Desai with accolades and honor for proposing inspired yet, resourceful ideas.

About Aleem A. Desai
Aleem Desai is currently a Strategy Consultant domestic and internationally. He specializes in companies with merger initiatives and acquisition targets. Mr. Desai is also a spiritualist who actively works for causes to reduce poverty.

About Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame is the first democratically elected President of Rwanda.

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