ERP5 World Forum Defines Road Map for the Future

Nexedi is organizing the first ERP5 World Forum in Paris, on the 1st of December 2008. They will hold a training for everyone who want to know how to use ERP5 and hope you can join them to help define the roadmap for the future of ERP5.

Paris, France, November 10, 2008 --( Nexedi wants to invite all ERP5 users, developers and academic researchers to participate in ERP5 World Forum organized as part of Open World Forum in Paris on December 1, 2008. This will be a “collaborative innovation” event that will focuses on ERP5 and ERP5 Express communities meeting to discuss and define the road map of ERP5 based on recent advances and latest trends in disciplines of management. This is an occasion for networking and making new
connection as well as giving exposure to new players and technologies. Main topics of the forum will include Inventory Management, CRM and Accounting with lectures given by international academic experts followed by a presentation of business cases. Meanwhile, developers will work alongside, implementing the concepts introduced during the lectures and showcase the prototype at the end of the day.

Full program of this event can accessed through . The event is free to attend and is catered to individuals who want to learn the latest trends in management science, learn how to use ERP5 and accelerate the transfer of academic innovation to business applications. Speakers include Rogerio Atem (CEFET, Brazil), Jean-Paul Smets (CEO, Nexedi), Kazuhiko Shiozaki (Nexedi, Japan) and Joannes Vermorel (Lokad Founder, France).

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* Jean-Paul Smets (CEO): +33 629 02 44 25 (French, English, Spanish, Japanese)
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ERP5 is a free Enterprise Resource Planning system based on the Zope application server. The source code is freely available under the GNU General Public License. (ERP5)

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Nexedi is the creator and leader of the ERP5 open source ERP project. ERP5 has developed and deployed ERP5 for a wide range of industries such as aerospace, apparel, banking, healthcare and government. ERP5 is used in companies of all sizes in Africa, Asia, Europe, North and South Americas. The open source nature of ERP5 eliminates licensing costs and provides full freedom to update and customise the system as business requirements change without single vendor lock-in.

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